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Anniversary bbq gathering: nibbles and noms

Huzzah! Finally the big day is here and we have dusted off our anniversary bbq! It’s been two years ago today that we got hitched and I wanted to continue the tradition of having a bbq of sorts, not only to celebrate, but also to have one day a year that we turn on the oven and let whirr the food processor in order to feed everyone as a thank-you for all their hard work in keeping us sane and happy and for all their help. We really would be in tatters without our family, so I’m always excited to have an excuse to try and spoil them Marmo-style.

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Fried spicy coleslaw salad with pumpkin-blitz balls and tahini orange drizzle

Ok, so I fully admit to not knowing what I was doing with this recipe, other than mushing stuff together, stacking other things, and generally frazzling about with ingredients. Worth it? I’d say so! :D This was just a quick lunch last week when there was precious little time to dedicate to something overly complicated, but it came out so delicious and tasty that I could easily doubled this…and eat it all myself! >:)

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WIAW + peppadew veg bok choy hand wraps with lemon-tahini dressing

I’m not going to sugar coat today – it was all about the comfort food in mass quantities. Usually I eat healthy and balanced, but some days I get smashed sideways with the sads and end up munching my mood. It’s a bad but old habit. I don’t have them as much anymore, but when I do there are the most powerful munchies to contend with. So, with the continued theme of “no-one’s perfect”, here’s my WIAW for today! Take note that I’m not bashing myself over the head for today – I know a lot of bloggers and stalkers are going through ED’s or are recovering. If this sort of rough talk triggers you, please counsel yourself appropriately! :)

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Lemon curd brownie bliss balls

Sometimes I get stumped by the world of food bloggers. Their jargon and technical means are very much part of a learning process, even after stalking vegan bloggers for a considerable amount of years now. One of these puzzling terms is “bliss balls”. I know, right? It’s a ball and…blissful? Anyway, I’ve seen very many variations of bliss balls after a very dangerous and hunger-inducing search, so I figured whatever I made would just have to be accepted as such.


These bliss balls are actually a gift for pal Charlene, since she was the birthday girl yesterday! I find food to be a super practical gift because you eat it and then it’s done, whereas with items or physical objects there’s not always an agreement on taste or even space! Continue reading


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Quinoa mushroom + lentil beetroot hummus stuffed pasta shells

I made our weekly 3-pot deal of soup earlier this week, but forgot to add the mushrooms, and so I was left with a few cups worth that were minding their business in the back of the fridge. Steaming them up is always do-able (and boring), but now that we’re budget conscious I decided to appropriate them as part of my blog baking ingredients, because I must take what I can get!

pastatopplate2Enter stuffed pasta shells! NOM NOM!

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Raw cheesecake with strawberry compote

Weekend! Yay! I’m so psyched to finally have some free time after a crazy busy-boring week. You know, where one minute you’re twiddling your thumbs, sighing loudly, and the next there’s just chaos and anarchy in the world. Bah! The only way to round off such a week is to have cake. Not just any cake, but raw cheesecake! Then of course with the sharing, because this is a rich, healthy but uber nutty delight that is made for many, many servings, all without crazy ingredients! :D

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Flatbread two ways : spiced + fruity lemon curd dream and nutty zucchini

breadstopSometimes Man-thing comes up with pretty sensational ideas, all off-the-cuff and mostly inspired by his love of sweet things. I made Kristy’s amazingly easy and delicious flatbread the other day (to enjoy with plum ketchup and all sorts of savoury noms), and he was quick to ask whether one could add fruits and nuts to the mix. Well, yes and YES! I was going to make an elaborate lembas bread effort with this flatbread but alas I was foiled by a lack of ingredients in the shops, and hence the lemon curd and hummus sides for the sweet and savoury versions respectively- just as delicious, if not moreso!

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