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WIAW – a day of fuel for a 10km night race

Today’s WIAYesterday¬†is a bit different, simply because we did a 10km night race/power-walk last night. I’m always in a bit of a flurry planning breakfast fuel for these walks, which usually take place at 06h30, so to have it in the evening totally skews my munchies. Still, I think the fact that we survived it with a relatively good pace is a win-win all round!

Since this is WIAW on-the-go, let me introduce today with a another shoe-cat picture of our darling meow. <3 He caught a bird the other day and Man-thing managed to get it from him (neck snapped, alas), so his WIAW since coming to this cat-infested complex of ours would be pellets, more pellets, little nibble of bird before it being cruelly snatched away, the bitter taste of disappointment, and pellets. :p

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Mexican breakfast waffles

Food blogs are evil. They have a year-round barrage of waffles all the time which just drive me insane – dripping with fruity compotes, melted chocolate, brownie bits, sliced bananas, beans, ice-cream. So dangerous! I therefore decided to recommission our waffle maker over the weekend and try my hand at a savoury waffle, which is something I enjoy thoroughly. I’d made breakfast waffles for Man-thing’s birthday, but I figured I could jazz up the whole affair significantly this time round with a splash of colour and flavour. Yum!


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Sweet potato chocolate lemon cake

Sometimes you need an easy and delicious cake that happens to contain two of the world’s best ingredients: chocolate and lemon. This cake fits the bill, and can be modified to accommodate all sorts of nom lying around, such as the addition of nuts, ginger, and other shiny. This cake was for a trip to the wonderful in-laws yesterday, hence the lack of ginger, but that is simply a must for an even more flavourful delight. :)

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Gnocchi with homemade apricot-spice tomato sauce

I love gnocchi like a beast. It’s one of the long-term consequences of having lived in Italy for many years, and because of a general love of carbs. It’s delightful, squishy, monstrously tasty…<3! Admittedly a serving size is moderate¬†which is why it’s one of the few dishes where caution is thrown to the wind and given the thumb, because honestly! We found this package of gnocchi the other day and I had to insist, if only to satisfy my soul.

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WIAW raw(ish)til4: baked rice hummus stack + what the world eats

For this WIAW I decided to do something wild and different (for me, at least) – a rawtil4 day! I’ve seen lots of bloggers give it a go, and, whilst I’m not convinced about it as a sustainable lifestyle (steamed carrots FTW!), I do eat a lot of raw goods and figured it could be interesting to try it out. I’ve been prepping the whole week with ideas of how to stay full and fed, because my pre-diabetic tendencies mean I cannot eat 10 bananas without the dry mouth and plummeting energy, so this won’t be a collection of monster smoothies. Instead, healthy treats all round!

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Top 10: sweet potato spotlight, Man-made food + a stacked snack

This is just a little post, a little nibble! With exercise back on track I always struggle to come up with fueling food that doesn’t defeat my body with sluggishness and a sugar-rush-dip. This pre-workout treat hits all the right spots, and is so ridiculously easy that it doesn’t even warrant a recipe. Nevertheless, I wanted to share photos of my glee, as well as put a little spotlight on a meal made by Man-thing! Also, there’s a list of sweet potato links at the end to showcase some delightful themed nom I’ve been gazing over.

sidenomspotatoOh, and speaking of spotlight, I just have to puff my plumage and share: you can find my samosa skull pie on this list of 20 Vegetarian Lunchbox Ideas via Rachel Cotterill! :D I’m glad it’s not only us two monsters who think it looks yummy ;) Thanks, Rachel!

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