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Cherry apple caramel smoothie

I still have some precious fresh cherries left, so I decided to spoil myself rotten yesterday afternoon when I got home from work. My papaya isn’t ripe yet and we have a few apples lying around, so the result was this really fresh and filling smoothie that just tasted heavenly.profilesmoothie

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WIAW + savoury baked french toast


WIAYesterday is back, so sit back and have a squizz :DWIAWbuttonsavourytoadtprofile1 Continue reading



Chocolate cherry mocha baked french toast

I’ve been planning to make this glorious number since Saturday morning, when we bought our rye loaf. I was waiting for it to get a bit stale, and then life happened, and now I had no choice but to put all life events on hold until this got made (and sometimes one just really needs to forcefully press “pause” in life and accept that things will not fall apart).bakedpantoastsingleservedbakedpancakeWorth it? Oh yes.

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Caramel oat bars

Some days are just horrible and stressful, and the only way to dull the edges is with chocolate. One of our litter is rather ill and dehydrated, so it’s rather scary to be in charge of a bunch of small lives and watch them like a hawk. These oat bars were something I made over the weekend as a little celebration for a friend coming over today, so at least in that sense they serve a dual function – easy freezer treats that were prepared beforehand, and soul-uplifting munchies that are a bit more dignified than eating a whole jar of PB.

barstack1These bars are very filling whilst being tasty: oat-y crust with a sweet spreadĀ and then that chocolate kick in the pants that makes life something gladdening once more. I’m tempted to tart these up and use them as breakfast bars, because they really are super satisfying, unlike most bars which force you to eat a tray. Not that such things matter if you own a few good stretchy pants :)

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Stuffed vegan “tuna” cabbage bake with mushroom gravy

Today is a super lazy day which started off with a very high-paced visit to the vet for three of our foster kittens. We’ve got them in a separate room, but we’re advertising their siblings from this week on and will keep the three munchkins until they’re feeling better. With all that up and down I wasn’t in the mood for anything complicated today, so I made the laziest but most delicious Sunday supper.gravyplated1Of course, you have to be the kind of person that sees cabbage as comfort food, as I do, but even if you don’t I’m sure this could convince anyone so silly otherwise! :D

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Sweet potato cherry chunk brownies

Today was pretty hectic! I finished a big editing job on the last minute, medicated some of the kittens, fixed up the sick kitten room to prevent them eating rust, wrapped presents (badly), and barely made it to the shower and out in time for a girl’s day out with pals. The easiest part of the day (apart from the post-girl’s lunch shopping) was baking these brownies. Honestly, it’s the most relaxing thing in the world to set aside less than 10 minutes for assembly and then go do other stuff whilst this just becomes glorious in the oven. Yum!


These brownies were my little holiday gift to the girls. We’re pretty broke from buying a house so this year it’s all handmade gifts (other than for the siblings, possibly), and these were all odds and ends I had in the house. Nothing says “friendship high-five” like homemade brownies, methinks!
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WIAW + minimalist munchies

WIAW is here, but this is going to be a super lazy one! I’m constantly disinfecting myself between the healthy and sick kittens so my hands are so scratchy and red that I don’t feel much in the mood for baking. Once I get a whiff of emergency protocols my brain goes into overdrive, so we’ve used up an entire bottle of disinfectant spraying ourselves silly over every whiff of sick kittens in our direction. :p


Still, today’s post is therefore a better indication of what I get up to, rather than having one big splashy WIAW meal to showcase. I know I’m always curious about what other people munch, so come have a squizz at my minimalist munchies!

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