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Salted caramel + berry carrot cake

The other day my family came over for a visit and we got gifted with some delicious and amazing treats from their jealousy-inducing garden: carrots and green peppers. We also got catnip seeds to plant in the garden, though I can’t imagine what hell will break loose with the neighbourhood meows if we let that stuff grow.

stickyprofileAnyway, carrots! I adore them with a passion, so I simply had to whip together this super easy and immensely decadent cake. I’m also short on time so this cake is the perfect treat to serve up if you’re dashing about, as is most likely the case for everyone this time of year!

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Raspberry chocolate freezer bars

I admit it, I’m pretty exhausted. I’ve been napping of late (which I never do) and schloffing my feet around because we’re nearing that time of year where everyone pretends to “relax” and be “on holiday” and then create circumstances that demand action and activity. I admit we do a lot of that ourselves by being hyper-conscious of social obligations, but it’s sometimes easier to completely cancel out interaction with humanity than to try and “balance” everything.

portraitbiteThe end of the year is as far off from balance as one can get, at least in our household, which is why I’ve quickly drummed up some life-saving snack bites to tide us over when we need a little boost.

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WIAW + roasted veggies + couscous olive bowl

It’s amazing how much one can get in one day, including how much you can eat! ;) It’s not all bad when 90% of stuff is pretty much veggies in all forms. It’s a glorious life!


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10 things I’ve learnt from fostering kittens

Ok, so this is totally not a food post, and I’m sorry for those of you who are suffering because you loathe cats or what not, but I figured this would be the best way to share some experiences of fostering kittens, which forms a big part of our lives in the sovereign realm of Moutonia. I mentioned fostering as one of my passions on my About page, so I figured I could get some leeway to jot down some thoughts and hopefully inspire others to at least consider fostering, volunteering, or donating to a cause they feel passionately about (cats optional). 10things.jpg

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Stuffed creamed spinach wraps

Often when going out to restaurants most vegetarian options always list creamed spinach. I’ve never been wild about it, and certainly now it gives me the shivers, but I do love spinach, and I adore beans, so why not mash them together for a much more superior creamy spinach dish?platedcreamOf course, since we’re at it, there may as well be mini wraps, because life is sad otherwise.

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Cherry apple caramel smoothie

I still have some precious fresh cherries left, so I decided to spoil myself rotten yesterday afternoon when I got home from work. My papaya isn’t ripe yet and we have a few apples lying around, so the result was this really fresh and filling smoothie that just tasted heavenly.profilesmoothie

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WIAW + savoury baked french toast


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