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Friday fillers #1

I’ve decided to make a list of shiny I’ve come across this week and to share it with all you ducks. I usually log a few dozen hours each week on food blogs, drooling here and mentally munching there, and I figured that my endless folders of to-do goodies don’t always get done unless I keep a short list handy.

If you think I’m joking, this is my selection of folders, and I usually have two windows with pretty much that number of tabs open at all times. So, if I spam you with “I’m going to make this NOW” comments and I never get round to it, it’s not out of lack of motivation, it’s because there’s too much shiny in this world!

marfigsthisismylifeTo make things even worse, the folder “vegan lists” is purely dedicated to all the “top 5 ” this or “top 40″ that…endless, endless lists. I guess this is why people pimp it out with Pinterest, but that place is possibly the most dangerous location in all time and space, because you can just click…and click some more. It’s worse than the “random” button on Reddit or wikipedia, because everything is so pretty and harmonious and amazing.

Ergo, short lists FTW!

Friday fillers

At least a few times a week I spam veganricha with “I need to make this” messages on twitter or wherever, and damnit, I want to! I’m going to limit myself to just two dishes, before I drive myself insane, but oh boy, she delivers on the nom!

Tiramisu brownies – I’ve stumbled across this link so many times and keep on “resaving” it on my computer. Just look at that delicious layered-ness!

Chickpea Chorizo Quinoa Shells in Tomato sauce – wibble wobble! This hits all my spots; comfort food FTW!

Pea and vanilla cake with lemon icing and pea shoots by Veggie Desserts – at some point when I was starting with my vegan journey I made everything green, especially once I discovered spirulina. I transformed Chocolate Covered Katie’s pumpkin pie green, made green muffins, green…everything! Eventually I got the message that people thought it was a bit weird and off-putting (spirulina green doesn’t work with all edibles!), but I’m so inspired to slowly go green again (in style!) after discovering Veggie Desserts’ blog this week. How beautiful and crafty, not to mention stuffed full of veggies, as all things should be!

Rice flour pancakes with plum compote - I suck at pancakes (except these buckwheat pancakes, because they are no-fail!). I’ve spent hours in front of a stupid pan alternately poking and then not poking, high-heat then low-heat…I just can’t get it right. These pancakes, however, are photographed so beautifully that I am totally inspired, with some vegan variations. Ye gods, so pretty!

Heat-free lentil + walnut tacos over at Carrie on Living – this is one of my favourite kind of dishes – anything wrapped in a lettuce leaf is stellar and must be all kinds of nom!

Anyway, there you have it – a few sparkly nibbles to whet the appetite. I just spent about four hours in the kitchen baking and making a mess (and not actually satisfied with most of what I made), so I’m not even in the mood for my late dinner, but I can guarantee that by the morning I’ll be licking the screen with these lovely dishes! I realized this week of full day work, as opposed to my usual half-day, that if ever I finally get my “adult” job I’ll be posting a lot less, because yikes, there’s no time after work, and by then the sun is long gone. Boo! Still, doesn’t stop me from trolling the internet and living vicariously through people with excellent photography skills and sunny windows ;)

Speaking of sunny windows, we’re busy looking at houses, and I’ve 100% found my dream home! We’re going with the lovely in-laws tomorrow afternoon to go look, but it will mean a LOT less budget for food and luxury items, but more sun to take photos in (if we get the place and the loan to help finance it!). Soooo win some, lose some! We plan on converting any garden we get into a veggie patch of doom though, so I’m beyond psyched to one day be digging around in manure for my own eggplants  and making pesto with my own spinach. :D

Anything special happening this weekend?



Tim tam time!


Today’s post is nothing serious – just a quick zoom in on some treats I made this weekend. Pal Charlene was a lamb and put me into contact with someone who was eager to adopt a kitten, and within less than a week my dearest Gina (Noir) was safe and sound with her new family. To say thanks I rustled up a few vegan Tim Tam type cookies, since she once brought them over to work for us to try out (the proper way with two edges bitten off!) and they were really fun and delightful.  Continue reading



Cherry tomato pie with nutty parsnip peppadew crust

platedpiebbiteWhat to do with an excess of cherry tomatoes? But pie, of course! Delicious and flavourful reclaimed cracker crust with the sweet tang of tomatoes atop a creamy beany filling with the suprise of baby corn and zucchini nestled inside. Oh man, comfort food is just divine, especially on a sunny but chilly winter’s day.

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Creamy beany cauliflower zucchini pasta with roasted veg {+ 2 new giveaway winners!}


First thing’s first! I haven’t heard from two of the NuNaturals giveaway winners so I’ve gotten Rafflecopter to randomly choose 2 new ducks:

Katie G

Maureen C

Congrats! I’ll be sending you an email – please respond urgently so that the very generous NuNaturals folks can send off your amazing gift packages! :D :D Continue reading


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Cheesy mustard parsnip spread, sweet potato patty + cranberry pesto pita (and the NuNaturals giveaway winners!)


So yesterday I complained of a sugar overdose (I’ll be eating my words pretty soon), so I decided to show off my weekend lunch that just brimmed with colour and happiness. I absolutely adore savoury foods and bringing together easy ingredients in a fun way, and this was such a pleasure to look at and eat that it pretty much made the weekend. Man-thing was still rather sick so I ended up doing a lot of chores and making batches of soup and quiches for the week ahead, so whilst the oven was on I jazzed together this plate, and it was simply bliss!

Before I get carried away, however, I need to announce the 4 lucky and randomly selected winners of the NuNaturals giveaway! :D :D

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cake spine yum 2


Raw lemon curd ice-cream cake with taco crunch

cakesidenom top

So yesterday I shared my choco-dipped ice-cream tacos, and today I’m showing off a different way of using the same ingredients. Sometimes one buys excess when you’re not sure about quantities, but I’m very glad to have splurged hard on soaking too many dates and blending too many bananas. Win win all round! (Marm + T – the simplicity of it all is why I said you’d facepalm yourself! :D)

Speaking of win, my NuNaturals competition is now closed and I’ll be announcing the winners tomorrow! I’m letting the rafflecopter decide who the lucky 4 are, so it’s even a surprise for me ;)

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ice cream taco treat

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Chocolate-dipped ice-cream tacos – two versions!

ice cream taco treatWhilst making tofu sprout tacos the other day I was reminiscing about the wonderful, store-bought ice-cream tacos I used to munch as a kid. My experiences with tacos have therefore usually been sweet in nature, which is why I’ve been determined to stock up on taco shells again and try out a vegan and healthy version of this glorious food memory. Obviously the originals were ridiculously rich and creamy and just brimming with all sorts of indulgent elements, but there’s no reason one can’t still enjoy ice-cream tacos without whipping out the stretchy pants.

My NuNaturals giveaway ends 21 July, so get cracking and enter – 4 lucky winners get a whole host of delightful treats delivered straight to their doorstep. The competition is open worldwide, because that’s just how amazing NuNaturals is :D

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