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29 days of rice – WIAW + sweet n sour waffle bean baskets – day 22

Yay! WIAW! :D I love these days because I get to peer into everyone else’s life, and they so happen to see into my nibbles as well. I’m sure it satisfies the deep curiosity we all share about others. My colleagues and I are in the middle of a 3-day course on advanced Word editing to better assist our researchers, so there’s a lot of brain work happening, which naturally means my munchies increase 10-fold! Man-thing and I always found ourselves much more ravenous during exams than normal, so I’m sure there’s some magical science behind it other than greediness. :pwiaw fall into good habits buttonhiddenrice Continue reading


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29 days of rice – Boozy caramel chip apple blondies – day 21

Ye gods this is good. So good in fact that I had trouble stopping once I tested some to make sure I wouldn’t poison Man-thing, because that’s 100% legitimate. He tests stuff for me at restaurants or at people’s homes to make sure it’s vegan if we’re unsure (e.g. if there’s butter lurking, he’ll sniff it out). I figure the least I could do is stuff my mouth with these, but leave him some on the side. :Dforkyblondie

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29 days of rice – Meatless Monday Top 5 picks, rice-cream frappé + s’more cups – day 20

It’s chilly out these days for no good reason, but it doesn’t mean I don’t like bundling up and enjoying something cool. For some reason I prefer ice-cream and chilly treats when I’m in padded boots and stockings. Luckily the nippiness strikes only in the mornings and evenings, so I can thaw out properly at some point. Point being, there’s always a good time to have these treats :D

bannerfrappesmorecloseupAlso, since I love lists, here are my top 5 to celebrate Meatless Monday!

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29 days of rice – sushi cinnamon rolls – day 19

Ok, now you all know 100% I’m insane, but I couldn’t help myself. I had wanted to do a type of maki roll, just with an actual cinnamon bun, but that was going to be a fierce operation (the dough was going to be green!) so I came up with this instead. So, completely different to where I originally started, but that’s often how these projects go. Amirite?rollprofile

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29 days of rice – Rice crepes with bean creamed corn hummus – day 18

I’m pretty excited about this, because I suck at pancakes or anything flat in a pan, and I actually managed crepes! :D Healthy, delicious, and stuffed with a delicious bean creamed corn hummus filling for extra cheer :Dcrepeprofile

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29 days of rice – stuffed tagine peppers – day 17

Sometimes it’s the simple dishes that give the most glee. Case in point, shiny stuffed peppers! This is the first time I’ve made such a dish, and it really is ridiculously fun to whip up. I can imagine serving this at a dinner party with salad on the side, with soup…or just cake! :D


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29 days of rice: #TBT baked rice hummus stacks + 4 tips for better digestion – day 16

Another #TBT! I decided to mull over the delight I had on my crazy raw(ish) til 4 day: baked rice hummus stacks. These veggie-stuffed, nom fest stacks were what got me through that ridiculous day. Filling, amazing, flavourful, and full of protein and awesomness. Hyberbole? I think not.closeupthreestackednomsAlso, since I don’t just want to link and dash, I figured I could indulge in sharing 4 tips for better digestion. This isn’t because I’m dying to get all TMI, but because digestive distress is one of those things that really bugs newly minted vegans and sends them packing for the hills. Even veteran vegans sometimes have cause for complaint, and you should all know how I love bullet points and numbered lists by now!  Continue reading


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