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Flatbread two ways : spiced + fruity lemon curd dream and nutty zucchini

breadstopSometimes Man-thing comes up with pretty sensational ideas, all off-the-cuff and mostly inspired by his love of sweet things. I made Kristy’s amazingly easy and delicious flatbread the other day (to enjoy with plum ketchup and all sorts of savoury noms), and he was quick to ask whether one could add fruits and nuts to the mix. Well, yes and YES! I was going to make an elaborate lembas bread effort with this flatbread but alas I was foiled by a lack of ingredients in the shops, and hence the lemon curd and hummus sides for the sweet and savoury versions respectively- just as delicious, if not moreso!

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WIAW + zucchini pea chickpea pancakes

Yesterday Man-thing and I sat down at a local burger joint for a coffee and milkshake to discuss our finances. Much sadness and shock was had all round to realize that with a loan/bond comes all sorts of other nonsense, such as life insurance and other twitchy elements. Still, it’s good to actually know what you’re dealing with rather than living with a bag over your head! There is much sadness also about how much I’ll have to scale back on my shiny ingredients, so I figure I need to institute a new policy that if someone has a maddening desire to gift me with stuff, ingredients would be the best bet for happiness and glee. :p

Anyway, yesterday’s very official list-making process at least put me in training for keeping up with cataloguing today’s series of noms and bites, so here’s another WIAW! :)

Breakfast: 2 slices of low gi seeded toast with avo and black beans on one and avo and plum ketchup on the the other. 1 granny smith apple with 1 heaped tsp of peanut butter. I usually eat breakfast at 05h30, so I am beyond famished by teatime at 10h00, so today I decided not to fool around and have double the bread I usually consume in a day and get it over with and be full! I ate half my toast with the apple and coffee at home and the other half with coffee on campus before work. I should probably scale back on my morning coffees, but it’s an awesome way to sit still enough outside and enjoy the fresh air before being sucked into a black hole at the library. Happily my workspace has windows, for which I am extremely grateful!

breakwiaw secondbfastwiaw10h00 snack: more coffee and 1 pear – for once I wasn’t ravenous but I’m still a food monster, so a pear had to come into the mix.

teatimewiawLunch: 3 small pea and zucchini chickpea pancakes (half a batch of Angela’s delicious recipe) with steamed pumpkin, black beans, zucchini and pesto. I was so busy making soup and other shiny secret treats that I pre-made this lunch yesterday, which is always a win in terms of reducing the rush of things. I get pretty HANGRY very quickly, so I need food immediately when my levels crash in order to prevent a rage fit. All my years of meditation and yoga don’t compare to a rumbling tummy it seems – whoops!


Pre-walk snack:1 golden delicious with 1 small cup steamed veg and coffee

prewalkDinner: Vegan Richa’s fritatta with freshly made soup and salad + decaf coffee (SO just a little addicted to coffee? Yikes! Writing everything down makes one much more aware!). For once I had the salad first then waited around a bit doing blog stuff, so I wasn’t as ravenous as usual, but still, I know that by 09h00 the munchies will hit hard if I don’t eat properly at dinner.

salad dinnerwiawDessert: a few teaspoons of some tasty lemon curd (and a sneak preview of tomorrow’s dish!) – it really is that yellow, no photoshopping! :p

lemoncurdAlso, some hot carob with soy milk, because the day was long.

dessertwiawSnacks: steamed carrots, raw carrots, sun-dried tomatoes.

And there you have it! I’m trying to cut down on post 20h30 snacks, because that’s my witching time for waltzing downstairs every 15 minutes, but there’s too much shiny in the house. Gargh!

What is your favourite meal of the day? Is there a special ingredient that you save just for that meal?



Nutty cranberry date raw cake

sidecakenoms3Man-thing and I, along with pal Lize, decided yesterday that we’re going to do a 10km fun run (or brisk walk) on Saturday. We haven’t prepared for it, having barely survived the winter, but I figure 10km won’t kill us, and we do enjoy those outings lots. I’m forgoing the gym this week then in order to practice walk with Man-thing for 40 minutes or so each day after work to get us into some semblance of fit-shape, since we each have our own aches and pains. To round off each day’s walk, as a treat, I figured I’d whip something up made of odds and ends in the house. This cake is the nommy and rather random result! Continue reading



Ouma Lena’s chocolate pudding cake – veganized!

cakeslicenomchocThis cake…is just too heavenly. I’m usually 99% for health and healthy eating, but yikes, some days I get a blast of the sadness or my brain just decides to plonk itself in the middle of my soul like a naughty child at the supermarket and will not budge until I feed it sugar and other destructive little treats. Well, this treat isn’t completely destructive, happens to be deliciously gluten-free, AND is a successful veganization of one of my favourite cakes ever! After just one bite of this I had a restoration of calm I haven’t felt in a while, and suddenly everything seemed manageable. There may be better ways to deal with stress, but this is my human approach. I’m not perfect, and this cake makes me happy that I’m a sucker for indulgence!

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Cake or death? Healthy chocolate cake and samosa skull pie

skullpietopside2Sometimes the universe sends you a ridiculous amount of reasons to celebrate and hence to make cake. Let me just get our big news out of the way so that we can get to the business of food. The reason I’ve been so suddenly budget conscious and penny-pinching of late is that our loan got approved yesterday and Man-thing and I will be home owners! :D That’s right, the dream house I was swooning about? It has a stunning blue kitchen and is just lovely and spacious. We’re properly horrified and respectful of the interest rate on the loan (yeesh, you may more than triple what you actually require at the end of the day!) but we are absolutely ready to move out and expand our possibilities.skullpietopside

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Lemon cream cookies + Meatless Monday

lemoncreamplateLearning how to cook is a never-ending process. It can be exhilarating, demoralizing, and certainly agonizing! Even so many years after first learning how to boil water (and not insisting loudly on Facebook that water can burn!), I still get moments that show me that my skills are not always on par with my imagination. Sometimes it’s good to take one or two steps back and simply reflect on the basics and try and get them right before attempting grand adventures! Enter cookies :D Continue reading


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Sunday lunch and an update!


Today’s post is not really a post, but a quick mish mash of declarations. We were rushing up and down yesterday to buy Man-thing some goodies for his office, visit the in-laws (and poor recovering FIL!), do some food shopping, then back home for what felt like a split second before jazzing off again to volunteer with the cat shelter. Today was just as insane as we spent over 5 hours gardening and washing floors (Man-thing), and making weekly soup and other treats (moi). Weekends are exhausting, which is why for lunch I whipped up odds and ends to give us fuel, because there’s nothing better than a full plate of veggies. Continue reading


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