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Lemon curd crouton parfait

Ta ra! Today I’m sharing one of the other treats I had made as an option for the Virtual Vegan Potluck (even though I eventually decided on the lemon curd tiramisu). It uses pretty much the same ingredients, just fashioned in a slightly different way and with berries for extra zing, because I love tang and bursts of flavour when indulging in a post-dinner meal.

parfaitprofile5The cake croutons are because no-one can say no to crispy bits, and they just go wonderfully for bite in between lush lemon curd, bean custard, and raspberry sauce. Imagine my sadness (and relief?) to discover that cake croutons are an actual thing, but so it goes! Continue reading



Virtual Vegan Potluck! Lemon curd tiramisu

Wahoo! Today is the 5th Virtual Vegan Potluck and I am beyond thrilled to be taking part. Each year I’ve been lurking from the shadows, swooning at all the beautiful and delicious looking creations, so I figured it was time to take part in the fun and festivities :D Thank you for stopping by and be sure to check out the bloggers who precede and follow me: The Conscientious Eater and The Lazy Vegan Baker. Thanks so much to Annie over at An Unrefined Vegan for hosting this wonderful shindig!


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WIAW and lemon-y goodness

Yesterday was one big busy blur. After my laziness of the previous day (well, comparatively) I decided to zoom up and get to work, so there was soup making, lemon peeling, baking and taste testing. That last one is the reason I never eat my finished desserts – I’m already stuffed! With the 5th Vegan Virtual Potluck looming I’m busy bustling about trying to finalize my entry so that I can enjoy Mountain Sanctuary on Saturday in peace, hence all the lemons. Yum!WIAWbutton Continue reading


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Lemon curd raspberry cake

The other day my FIL came over with a massive bucket full of lemons, so naturally I had to find a way to make use of it all. Let me tell you, getting rid of 50+ lemons is no joke, BUT this was a good time to test out a lemon cake that I’d been musing over for a while. I’d heard of using polenta in cakes before, so I sat down and wrote out a random ingredient list and recipe and bashed together this cake. Imagine my surprise when it turned out delicious! cakepresentedlemon Continue reading


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Sunday supper: Oil-free basil bean potatoes

Today is a super lazy Monday, which is why I’m reporting in on my super lazy Sunday only now and sharing our lunchtime munchies. I usually avoid sweet potato in favour of its fairer counterpart, the glorious pumpkin, but very little beats beautifully crisp little slices of anything. This dish is pretty simple but makes for a delicious, filling side, or can be doubled to create a centerpiece for a lunch or dinner.

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Glöggi smoothie bowl + a survey

Today’s munchie is a rather simple one, yet super delicious and it hits the spot. As you might have seen, I am very much into smoothie bowls at the moment, because it means I can eat my smoothie and feel fuller for longer, so this smoothie bowl is a celebration of winter tastes and spices enjoyed in the blaze of summer (as is the case at the moment in South Africa).smoothietop5Also, I’ve seen this survey around and thought I’d share some info, just to show that I’m not as depraved in taste as all my exclamation marks would have you believe (or am I?).


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Lemon fig + chocolate pistachio baklava

With the holidays looming I find it’s always a good idea to play around with pastry, because that’s really a life-saver for when you have minimal ingredients in the house and need to whip something delicious and guest-friendly out of your pantry. The cooling period in the fridge is the most time consuming part of this whole recipe, because it’s actually super straight-forward and indulgent!


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