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Cheesy mustard parsnip spread, sweet potato patty + cranberry pesto pita (and the NuNaturals giveaway winners!)


So yesterday I complained of a sugar overdose (I’ll be eating my words pretty soon), so I decided to show off my weekend lunch that just brimmed with colour and happiness. I absolutely adore savoury foods and bringing together easy ingredients in a fun way, and this was such a pleasure to look at and eat that it pretty much made the weekend. Man-thing was still rather sick so I ended up doing a lot of chores and making batches of soup and quiches for the week ahead, so whilst the oven was on I jazzed together this plate, and it was simply bliss!

Before I get carried away, however, I need to announce the 4 lucky and randomly selected winners of the NuNaturals giveaway! :D :D

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Raw lemon curd ice-cream cake with taco crunch

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So yesterday I shared my choco-dipped ice-cream tacos, and today I’m showing off a different way of using the same ingredients. Sometimes one buys excess when you’re not sure about quantities, but I’m very glad to have splurged hard on soaking too many dates and blending too many bananas. Win win all round! (Marm + T – the simplicity of it all is why I said you’d facepalm yourself! :D)

Speaking of win, my NuNaturals competition is now closed and I’ll be announcing the winners tomorrow! I’m letting the rafflecopter decide who the lucky 4 are, so it’s even a surprise for me ;)

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ice cream taco treat

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Chocolate-dipped ice-cream tacos – two versions!

ice cream taco treatWhilst making tofu sprout tacos the other day I was reminiscing about the wonderful, store-bought ice-cream tacos I used to munch as a kid. My experiences with tacos have therefore usually been sweet in nature, which is why I’ve been determined to stock up on taco shells again and try out a vegan and healthy version of this glorious food memory. Obviously the originals were ridiculously rich and creamy and just brimming with all sorts of indulgent elements, but there’s no reason one can’t still enjoy ice-cream tacos without whipping out the stretchy pants.

My NuNaturals giveaway ends 21 July, so get cracking and enter – 4 lucky winners get a whole host of delightful treats delivered straight to their doorstep. The competition is open worldwide, because that’s just how amazing NuNaturals is :D

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WIAW + Fried cabbage and apple salad with peanut pow sauce


Today is my day off again (hurrah!) and to celebrate I had all sorts of things lined up, including another WIAW. Man-thing is ill and in bed, and there isn’t much I can do to support him other than make sure he’s hydrated and fed, so that leaves a lot of moi-time. All the better for getting round to random and exciting outings!

Before all that, however, remember I’m hosting an awesome NuNaturals giveaway over here – take a moment to enter: it’s open worldwide and 4 lucky winners get some AMAZING goodies!

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Mini upside down PB + jam stuffed cakes


Today’s treat is something I made over the weekend because the oven was already on for our weekly dose of quiche and the lovely parsnip Sunday roast. Oftentimes whilst dishes are baking away I’ll quickly scan the fridge and scour the internet to see if there’s anything else I can make before switching off the oven and letting it rest, because I despise wasting energy by switching things on and off. Strawberries were aplently in the fridge and I had a purée and PB mix waiting to be used, and so this happened. :D Moist, spongy, delicious…oh yes! Continue reading


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Our Sunday supper: parsnip roast with radish and paprika hummus + cauliflower bean mash


I have a NuNaturals giveaway happening over here at the moment so please take a moment to enter – the competition is open worldwide! :D

Man-thing and I usually eat soup or stew every evening, because the prep is minimal if we dedicate some time over the weekend to boiling vegetables in a flavourful manner. Our freezer is always packed to the brim with soup and our fridge with soup stuff. Yesterday I forgot to take the soup out by 10h00 and predicted a considerable lack of thaw in our freezing house, so I decided to spruce up our usually fare and turn on the oven. How glad am I! :D Continue reading


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