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To-do list

todolistnotextThis is basically a list for my benefit, but I thought it would be interesting to share. There are so many shiny things and treats and honking meals to be made, that I decided to create a list. One often comes across ideas of what would be tasty, only to forget an hour later. If you can think of anything I should try, or a meal that can be veganized, by all means leave a comment!

  1. Gnocchi 
  2. Baked cabbage rolls
  3. Lentil loaf
  4. Murtabak
  5. Bunny chow
  6. Calzone
  7. Turkish delight chocolates
  8. Macarons
  9. Malva pudding
  10. Koeksisters
  11. Melktert (“milk tart”)
  12. Rusks
  13. Opera cake
  14. Ouma’s chocolate pudding cake
  15. Sushi
  16. Ice-cream cake
  17. Pear ice-cream
  18. Pampoen koekies (pumpkin puffs)
  19. Kimchi
  20. Steamed dumplings
  21. Zucchini pasta
  22. Raw mango cashew cake
  23. Chia pudding
  24. Nanaimo bars
  25. Molten lava cake
  26. Portuguese custard pies
  27. Sachertorte
  28. Pot pie
  29. Vegan eclairs
  30. Avocado pancakes
  31. Lemon curd layer cake
  32. Tiramisu
  33. Pierogies
  34. Babka

9 thoughts on “To-do list

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