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Carrot + peach breakfast loaf {vegan + gluten-free}

This all started because I wanted to make a legit 3-ingredient cake or something, except it didn’t quite work out that way, so now I’m left with 7 ingredients, excluding spices, which obviously don’t count :p Something super easy and winsome to whip up when you know you’re going to have one of those awful weeks where you grab-and-go, or for if you have a social event that doesn’t require something too spectacular on looks but delicious in taste.carrotpeachloafsplash1 Continue reading


Carrot oat balls

Whoo hoo! Ever since I finished exams I have been living life to the full…or at least getting full on these carrot oat balls. Same thing, nay? Anyhow, since I am unchained for the moment I have a breath to catch in time and space and start getting all my ducks in a row for the next few adventures: my teaching practicals starting at the beginning of next month, a possible cool second job that will make me feel rich, a trip to Morocco to plan (ARGH!), and other treats like homing kittens and attending courses on how to be an awesomesauce teacher. Well, if you thought that was a mouthful you should see the inside of my head: it’s just a non-stop blab fest, which is why I’m going to switch over to food now to calm us all down again 😀
Vegan carrot oat balls - Marfigs' MunchiesBut before I forget, don’t miss out on your free downloadable chocolate-themed vegan ebook! There’s sneaky veggies and fruit and protein, so you won’t feel bad or guilty if that’s how you secretly view chocolate. Celebrate and munch!chocolatecleanseriotebook

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Guide to using up holiday leftovers

HolidayleftoversIt’s something of a law of nature: our eyes are always bigger than our stomachs (no matter how hard we try) in the holidays. So much baking, faffing and sighing, and then the hard, stale reality of excess that sits in the fridge for a week or two to silently judge us. Or, you know, it’s tough to work out portion ratio per person when everyone treats the holidays differently: some as a challenge of excess, and others as a season of torture and self-control so they don’t come out the other end in stretchy pants.

Moreso than my issue with clothes that don’t fit in January is the leftovers that get out of control. Waste makes me sad, because what we usually get rid of is actually edible. This is a little guide to help you plot what you can do with the never-ending crumbles of what you’ve been scoffing.

And before you go a-clicking, don’t forget to download my free mini me holiday ebook 🙂veganxmassplash

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Protein crunch bars {gf + v/vegan MOFO}

Today’s vegan Mofo theme is a bit strange to me because I’m a homebody who fiercely protects her personal space and alone time (Man-thing and cats don’t count as “other people” and therefore don’t bother me). We do take an annual holiday admittedly but then the answer to the question of what we would bring on a vegan road trip is “everything”. Since I’m not going to unpack my whole kitchen for this post I decided to make some easy protein crunch bars, since that’s always the one thing that’s guaranteed to fuel the long hours on the road. proteinbarssplash

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Chocolate covered cauliflower {Vegan MOFO!}

Today’s Vegan Mofo theme is a weird food combo that you love, so here goes nothing! I’m sure you were nodding your head at the title until you got to cauliflower and then just started rolling eyes or scoffing, but I had this epiphany about cauliflower whilst on a walk with a pal and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind, even though it was a bit of a joke at the time. Sometimes the silliest things can turn out to be the best.


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PB hummus + jam S’mores {vegan MOFO!}

I hope I’m not ruining anyone’s childhood by changing up the S’more a little, but I don’t have patience to make marshmallows (ok, so I don’t have a candy thermometer, rather!) and my childhood wasn’t one spent outside stuffing cookies with chocolate and white fluff (although if I’d known it existed I would have). Instead, I spent a ridiculous amount of time making endless PB & jam sandwiches; a food group unto itself. Well, there’s a time and place for everything, and the time for sandwiches is waning in my life as I find glee in better things, like lettuce wraps or PB & jam licked right off a spoon. This concoction is the fancy version of the spoon. With a fix of protein, grains, fat and fruit, I think I have my food pyramid covered 😉

Also, this post is for today’s Vegan Mofo 2015 theme: recreating a meal from my childhood. 😀pbhummussmoresplashcornweb

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Chocolate hummus, roasted beet chips + crackers

It hasn’t escaped my notice that V-day is fast approaching and the blogosphere is practically squealing in delight for an excuse to break out the chocolate powder, sugar and smooches. Man-thing and I don’t celebrate it because he’s not into it and we both think it’s a waste of money, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate all the food porn. Sometimes, though, I like to mix in some savoury with my sweet to make it a little less cloying or nap-inducing. Hummus is always a firm favourite in our little kingdom, so I figured a chocolate-y version to keep around to dip stuff in (seductively or not) would be rather spiffy.hummusbiteplatter Continue reading


Baked veggie nacho stack

Whenever we go out to eat at restaurants there is always a lot of modification that takes place or else I call ahead to arrange a special vegan dish. Sometimes you simply cannot modify a meal to be vegan, because what makes that meal so unique is the different elements that you inevitably have to remove.

nachoprofile1Case in point, nachos! They are by far one of the more popular vegetarian dishes on most menus and leave me uber sad about not being able to munch down a whole plate. It was my awesome MIL’s birthday on Saturday and I was looking online at the menu for the munch place when I saw nachos and knew that I had seen it once to often. It was time to make my own.

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Baby shower munchies: baby carrots in a blanket, apple-pear cake, and wrapped falafel bites

Yesterday was the big day! The awesome lasses at work hosted a surprise baby shower for their colleague and one of my former students. I managed to collect my brother’s excess baby clothes, went and bought a few trinkets myself, some chocolate for the mother-to-be (because she needs all the comfort food she can get!), and we also pooled money together for a bunch of gift cards. When I heard that we were going to be about 15 people my brain immediately started jumping back and forth until I sat down and jotted down some ideas. For what? Food, of course.

Since I had to admit to myself that even I couldn’t stomach just endless sweet treats at a table, I decided to do my best and include savoury noms. I love these sorts of things where you can bring things because my brain goes into glee mode, rubbing its greedy hands and sing-songing “guinea pigs!” Of course, I count myself in that number, because even if I make something I’ve attempted before, each time is different; a new food memory is created.

Shall we start with the savoury?ballswrapped2-1

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Banana, pumpkin, and carrot bread (GF)

Sometimes there really is nothing else to do with squishy bananas than to make a delicious sweet bread. I was debating whether to do a raw dessert but a few pokes told me what lay beneath the skin was well beyond that. Plus, it’s April soon, meaning we’re edging closer to winter. The leaves are falling and crunching underfoot, the doors have to be closed earlier in the day, and I’ve brought out my big, white and puffy gown from seclusion. All in all, banana bread weather. I decided that this would go perfectly with the decadent and delicious cauliflower soup I made yesterday, and it also gives Man-thing something to swoon about during tea-time.



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