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Review of One Green Planet’s Food Monster app!

Howdy! This post is super exciting for me because I’m going to be sharing a review for One Green Planet’s fabulous free app, Food Monster, as well as a link to download it before it’s official worldwide release on Earth Day, 22 April! Some of you might have seen it yesterday in another post but I decided to split it so it gets its very own spotlight 🙂Review of One Green Planet's Food Monster app via Marfigs' Munchies Continue reading

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GF + V Penny pancakes {vegan MOFO}

Welcome to another installment of Vegan Mofo! I’m hoping you’ll forgive my absence since I’m technically crashing the party anyway 😉 Today’s theme is the most retro, so I spent my sick day yesterday trolling the web for retro recipes and came across this. The second I showed it to Man-thing he was sold and insisted on the whole matter, which is why you have faux sausages instead of some horrifying jelly mould. I guess that’s a good thing! Retro is a very, very scary term to search for, as it turns out.

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Crafty Carrots: Free Ebook + Chocolate Orange Brownies {vegan + gluten-free}

It’s finally here – my first ebook! This is 100% a labour of love and devotion to carrots, one of the main reasons I’m a delightful shade of yellow. 😀 100% vegan, gluten-free, and only 2 out of the 25 recipes are oldies – the rest are totally new and exclusive to the ebook. Carrots can hide in plain sight, and this ebook manages to use this awesome ingredient in subtle and berserk ways, as is only fitting for such a versatile veggie.craftycarrotscover

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Rustic orange opera cake {vegan + gluten-free}

Ta da! Ok, can I get my strut on for finally making an opera cake? Please? Marfigs style, of course, but so silly delicious that I had a hard time slicing this up without eating everything, because there’s few pleasures in life as satisfying as making a layer cake (for food nerds, I guess). This is a little teaser for the kind of ridiculousness you can expect in my upcoming ebook (which still needs a title, tears!) because there’s a sneaky secret ingredient which calls for smugness. And cake!rustictopsplash Continue reading


WIAW on a drizzly day

Winter is here! I’ve brought my heater to work and it’s been drizzly and cold the past while, so there’s no fooling ourselves about this mythical thing called “autumn”. It’s going to stay cold for the next few dastardly months, so with that in mind comfort food all the way for WIAW!wiawmarfigslogo

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WIAW + monster zucchini flesh fest {vegan + gluten-free}

Another WIAW post for ye today. Since I work on Wednesdays I thought I’d share what I ate yesterday today, since that’s legit I’m sure, and no-one wants to see my terrible phone quality camera snaps since I don’t carry my snazz camera to work :pwiawmarfigslogo Continue reading


NuNaturals giveaway + recipe roundup

Today is super exciting because I get to host another NuNaturals giveaway! 😀 😀 Anyone who reads my blog on occasion knows I love to use NuNatural products because they are diabetic-friendly, sugar-free, and just fabulous. There are FOUR winners in this giveaway and it is open internationally, so click beyond to enter for some fabulous prizes and to see ways in which you can use your goodies!


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