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Ahoy, I’m Margaux!

  • TA, tutor and freelance editor;
  • Wench-wife to my usually faceless Man-thing;
  • Handmaiden to our kitsy cats, Gatsby, Freyja and Atlas; and
  • Lover of chocolate and coffee!

We’re based in Pretoria, South Africa, and are a bunch of introverts who love our cave, family, and food! This blog is dedicated to testing out new and exciting vegan creations for our taste buds, using fresh, colourful, and seasonal ingredients. I love getting to know others with similar passions for food and food photography, and of course, feeding others is a never-ending thrill! The majority of the food on the blog is gluten-free, low on refined products, and diabetic-friendly, so that everyone can have a slice or bite without feeling bad.moutoniafamilycollageI started this blog back in the day as a type of virtual cookbook for my own reference, but it’s now grown to be an expression of all the crazy ideas I get stuck in my brain thanks to the truly amazing sources of inspiration out there. Following all the wonderful food bloggers helped me realize that going vegan was anything but scary; in fact, more tasty than anything else! If you have any questions, want to connect, or just shoot the breeze, you’re always welcome to email me at 😀kitsyloveI’m a bit of a busy body, so I don’t just juggle multiple jobs, studies and feasting. I also volunteer and foster through an organization called Catz R Us SA – they really do amazing work and it is such a thrill to be a small part of such a dedicated team of people who really have animal welfare as their main priority. If you’re not in Pretoria take a moment to get to know the shelters in your area and maybe even see if you can help out, spend some time cuddling the animals, or feed the volunteers. 🙂 We’ve fostered over 30 cats and kittens and it has been such a joy, so if you spot lots of photos at the end of food posts don’t be surprised!
kittycollageIf you want to see where you can find me, check out my Contact or Press pages. I also have a “why vegan” page which is a bit more personal, and I’d love if you shared your story there, even if it’s not about veganism!

23 thoughts on “About

  1. Howzit! Just happened upon your blog – don’t know how I’ve missed it??!?! Love the kitties in your photos, and although not vegan – looking forward to trying a few of your delicious recipes!


  2. Love the banana mash! And your lovely blog


  3. always nice to find fellow vegan bloggers. Just came across yours.
    Great photos!
    we were in SA 10 yrs ago (Kaapstad and surroundings) and loved the beautiful nature.
    groet uit Vlaanderen 🙂


    • Hallo there! 😀 Thank you so much – the photos are definitely a work in progress 😉 I wish more people would come to SA – it’s such a festival of people and ideas. I need to make a pilgrimage to Cape Town sometime soon – apparently that’s where all the vegan food in SA is hiding 😉


  4. Hi there! I just stumbled up on your blog, and I wanted to say hello! I really enjoyed reading your story, and I cannot wait to check out your recipes! (I love that you volunteer at the shelter…so sweet!)



    • Hi Ashley, thanks for stopping by and for your awesome comment – made my day! 😀

      I’m 100% addicted to the shelter – I’ve got a mom cat and four babies at home at the moment that I’m fostering, so this way I get to be around animals all day, every day!

      I just checked out your website – so vibrant and full of energy, so I’ll definitely be testing out some of the recipes as well 😀


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  6. Margaux what is that awesome looking cake in your header?


  7. You have a very cool blog here! )

    Greetings from a foodie from Belgium! 🙂


  8. Am tremendously impressed with the pear recipe! Not a fan of prunes, but looks amazing. Actually, here in the States, prunes are largely associated with old people with digestive issues, so honestly have never eaten one, but am going to try the recipe as soon as I figure out how to make prune puree…um…unless I just need to puree prunes 🙂 Anyway, looks amazing and will try it out tomorrow. Thanks!


    • 😀 Thank you! There are definitely people who dislike prunes (e.g. my husband) but I use it mainly with carob to cut down on the chocolate, but you can just fill the whole inside of the pear with melted chocolate as well, or maybe replace prunes with dates blended with carob/cacao if you prefer those 🙂 You can definitely just blend prunes to make the puree – make sure they’re pitless – I think I broke my food processor because I forgot to check last time. If you’re not shy you can also just pick up a little tub at the baby food aisle 😉

      Thanks for the wonderful comment and stopping by! 🙂


  9. Just stumbled upon your lovely little blog through your comments on mine. Great recipes! I’ll have to try some of them out sometime 🙂


    • Thanks so much for having a peek! 😀 I decided to stop lurking on your side – I’ll be testing out some of your raw recipes soon, especially the rooibos business!


  10. So terribly glad to read that my female family members like to look after their “man-things”! They do know how to make us wife-things rush around making sure they don´t die on us from hunger…..


  11. Fab blog! Will certainly give some of these a go! I’m not a great one for the kitchen but am known to have the odd ‘episode’ or two where I enjoy myself in that room in the house – particularly when I feel my ‘man-thing’ has been particularly deprived of some good home cooking…… Your aunt in Taiwan, Bianca!


    • Hallo there, aunt in Taiwan! Glad you’re keen on testing some of them – I get very pig-headed if they don’t work out magically the first time, but if the ingredients look delicious on their own then I pull up my socks and try again. 🙂 Man-things are also a good objective indicator of the outcome – I find they quickly beg for a repeat or politely pull a face!


  12. Really really impressed! written beautifully too, makes we want to grab the apron (or just forget about it – to hell with getting dirty!) Just want to dig my fingers into all the lovely recipes!


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