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Review of One Green Planet’s Food Monster app!


Howdy! This post is super exciting for me because I’m going to be sharing a review for One Green Planet’s fabulous free app, Food Monster, as well as a link to download it before it’s official worldwide release on Earth Day, 22 April! Some of you might have seen it yesterday in another post but I decided to split it so it gets its very own spotlight 🙂Review of One Green Planet's Food Monster app via Marfigs' MunchiesIt should come as no surprise that I love me some One Green Planet – they are super generous in sharing my recipes on their website, but beyond that they also are my one-stop hangout online for all my different interests, from the environment, food, to stuff like “vegan hacks”, which is such a glee-inducing concept. They’ve now gone further and brought one of my favourite tabs, food, straight to my phone so I can stalk recipes all day long!Review of One Green Planet's Food Monster app via Marfigs' MunchiesWhen I first started getting interested in cooking and baking it had a lot to do with a friend of mine who always had his iPad nearby, and the kitchen was no exception. We would end up making the wildest recipes (and my first green avocado frosting!) whilst he used his device as a recipe book. At the time I made fun of him, because why didn’t he just print it out or something, but now I totally get it, all these years later. It’s about experience – not just the recipe but the photos that tantalized you in the first place, the links to similar recipes that keep you in the kitchen for way longer than expected…it’s really a game-changer for former luddites like myself, and that’s why this app is my current kitchen companion!Review of One Green Planet's Food Monster app via Marfigs' MunchiesI was asked to test out the beta for the app a while back and have been poking and prodding at it ever since, and I find that it’s number one function in my life (apart from actual use!) is inspiration. I can’t explain just how many hours I’ve spent over the past few years staring at blogs and websites like One Green Planet to get my fix of gourmet dishes and ideas, and as much as I absolutely adore Instagram and am a total convert, it’s still not quite the same as having an organized platform where you can search by course, ingredient, occasion and so on. This app totally gets my compulsive need for structure and “searchability”, and is actually pretty similar to my bookmark folder system, except it’s a billion times easier to use and navigate. Review of One Green Planet's Food Monster app via Marfigs' MunchiesHow gorgeous are these snaps though? It’s streamline and just bursting with food porn at your fingertips – it’s no longer a question of “what’s for dinner?”. What I like about the app is that you have lots of choices, it’s updated daily with new content and recipes, and it has all sorts of fun things like a latest and featured tab, and soon enough the ability to curate your own collections of recipes. I know this is going to be a huge hit with people who normally live and breathe Pinterest! Because it’s free it’s going to be one of those apps that I can recommend to non-vegans so they can see just what it is that I can actually eat and get some inspiration themselves. Hopefully from there it’s just a hop-skip to the kitchen to test everything out, even for the laziest of chefs. Luckily no-one’s going to judge you if you get the app just to look 😉Review of One Green Planet's Food Monster app via Marfigs' MunchiesI have to also admit that I squeed like a little girl seeing my own recipes on the Food Monster app, so I know I’m biased, but not really. 😛 These monsters over at One Green Planet have really hunkered down to bring some fantastic user-friendliness to our lives! When you check out a recipe there are different tabs for the ingredients, instructions and similar collections or recipes, and you can bookmark recipes to try later. There’s also tags, so you can go wild and trace “aquafaba” to see how far down the rabbit hole goes, and it looks tasty every step of the way!Review of One Green Planet's Food Monster app via Marfigs' MunchiesSo yes, it’s free and fabulous and if you have a phone that can do apps then do yourself a favour and get it 🙂 And because you’ve lasted this far down the post, I’m happy to announce that you, dear reader, get to download the app early AKA now by clicking on this early release link: FOOD MONSTER!

So what’s there to wait for? Have a squizz and let me know what you think of the app!

Have you tried the app yet? What do you think?

What are some of your other favourite food-related apps or websites that are a must?

5 thoughts on “Review of One Green Planet’s Food Monster app!

  1. Not a happy camper for all of us who don’t own Apple phones or tablets 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, that is unfortunately one of the pitfalls of apps – I’m rather new to it myself as I got mine second-hand from my dad only this December and am still learning about apps! It sounds silly but what I did was bookmark all the things I would one day do on an iPhone (like follow Instagram people). I think there should be an android version coming out as well so if that’s your platform then keep an eye out! I’m afraid I’m a bit clueless when it comes to the tech in general 🙂

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      • Cheers for your reply. It seems a bit silly to not release this excellent app to a wider audience. I know that it’s actually easier to create an app for Android (I am studying Digital Technology at the moment) so I am wondering why they didn’t release it across platform but I guess they have their reasons.


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