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Strawberry lemon oreo cheesecake

This post is long overdue but my computer has been on the fritz, which is just ridiculous timing considering I had wanted to get back into the swing of things. Ah well! I’ve had this in the archives for a week or so and figured there was no more relaxing time to share. 😀oreocheesecakesplash

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Delicious veggie lasagna (noodle-free/gf)

Today we’re jazzing over to my dad’s place to have some lunch with him and my in-laws. I offered to make something for myself so that my dad & co could be on their own mission food-wise. I’vebeen craving something between a bobotie and a lasagna for a while now, so that’s what popped out of the oven, and let me just say it is deeelicious! I’m not always a fan of non-whole foods such as the packet or frozen soy products, but sometimes it just gets the job done in an oh-so-satisfying way. I tried out the chakalaka flavour of the Imana Soy Mince brand and I suspect we’re going to be knee-deep in soy mince for the next few months, but at this point, if it all tastes like this “lasagna”, then I am honestly beyond caring. :p

This lasagna/casserole is uber tasty, uber easy, and happens to be pink on top, which is just cool. I happened to have some plum-onion preserve on hand that I made the other day as a filling to an alternate streusel cake (and it was AWESOME), but if you don’t have such a thing handy substitute it for 1/4 cup of homemade jam/chutney – maybe even some barbecue sauce (actually, nevermind “maybe”, YES! If you have some, be smart about life and do it!).

lasagnaplated2Ooey and gooey and delicious and savoury and textured and nom? My brain explodes each time I take a bite!

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Soya stew with sun-dried tomato and basil polenta (GF)

This week we finally oh finally get our garden paved! As I may have mentioned, due to the massive oak tree there is very little sun in our 20 or so square metres of garden, and thus precious little grass other than the tufts that come up to taunt us. Gatsby munches those down anyway so that he can come throw up on our carpets later like the little monster he is. My dad, wonderful creature that he is, offered to have it paved for us as a general end-of-year present, so now we’ve cleared the pot plants and chairs and are prepared for a week of mud and dirt and all sorts of wonders. Naturally, my biggest crises since I heard the news was what I was going to feed the two workers.


Some early morning exercise. When his butt goes high in the air and starts to wiggle I have to control myself from not bursting into laughter and ruining his “hunt”.

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