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Weekend WIAW


So this post is something different to what I’ve done in a long time – a WIAW! Since my life is a lot less chillaxing and a lot more frenzied list making, I haven’t had the patience or drive to make so many unique goodies, so I figured a happy recap of weekend munchies might be a meagre but satisfactory offering. Now that I’m working from home my munchies are frequent and the cups of coffee bigger, but overall it’s nice to get to be a bit more choosy about what I get to make instead of soggy steamed and cold vegetables for lunch or what not. Though that wouldn’t hurt 😉



You know those articles where people lay out what they eat in a week on a table or in a room? Yeah, it makes you it back and think about how much or little you eat in comparison to others, but at the end of the day each body is unique and one does different things like exercise (or not!) and may have different items in stock. Some weeks we have very little excitement in the pantry and then it’s the same bland food day in and out, but that’s why fresh fruit plays such an important role in my munchies in terms of providing a little bit of joy and sweetness.

What’s your one must-have food item each day?Saturdaymunchies

Breakfast/08h30: bran flakes, pumpkin seeds, goji berries and soy milk with coffee and a protein powder drink. We tend to wake up verrryy late these days now that both of us work from home, which is not the smartest but it means that we also tend to take less afternoon naps, so win-win?
IMG_4695Snacks: some huge carrots, the dregs of the peanut butter (with a spoon! Very naughty habit), and chai tea galore.

IMG_4693IMG_4692IMG_4694Lunch/12h30: lovely big nooch-strewn salad, followed by a frozen guava and chia pudding dessert. I love dessert for lunch, because I have a ridiculous sweet tooth that doesn’t care about my pant size. :pIMG_4689IMG_4726Dinner/18h30: Man-made dinner! It is very, very rare to be spoilt like this but Man-thing actually made me a delicious meal with veggies, lentils and rice. I usually micro-manage from afar when he’s in the kitchen but this was a surprise and I didn’t even get a chance to interfere, with the end result being that I could be the lazy wife for a day. We’ve been watching a lot of Masterchef lately when integrating the cats and I suspect Man-thing is inspired, although it is admittedly non-vegan in nature :p Still, having him faff around with veggies is always welcome!IMG_4851Post-dinner snack: naartjie and some papaya. Papaya season is the best but it’s still expensive at the moment so it’s more of a rare but glorious treat, and definitely counts as pudding. As much as I love chocolate I would rather eat fruit! Oh, and I have to take a minute to sing the praises of my newest delight: Fallout 4! I got Man-thing’s computer and with it the power to use plasma rifles and power armor, if only my eyes were also as high-tech. I suspect glasses are back on the menu but after three years of lasik eyes I’m happy just to be able to tell the time without a magnifying glass. IMG_4730IMG_4705Sunday

This doesn’t nearly reflect just how much coffee is in my life, but I figured showing those on their own would be a bit trite :pSundaymunchiesBreakfast/09h00: Another lazy, lazy day with a glorious guava smoothie bowl to kick things off, topped with pumpkin and hemp seeds. Bits of chunky frozen guava make my heart soar, and it’s nice to have a smoothie bowl that isn’t green for a change :pIMG_4848Snack: A little snack was a huge mug of coffee (as I said, my cups are getting bigger) and some frozen papaya, because I was working and needed brain food. At least, that’s my excuse. IMG_4850Lunch/12h30: This was a bit of a drawn-out affair, starting with a noochy salad with lentils, avo and radishes, and followed by a pathetic attempt to exercise that was me flapping my arms around. I’ve tried to do some home videos of late but I’ve just realized how totally unfit I am and how I need to get my brain into gear. Silly winter! IMG_4849Dinner/18h30: The simplest of dishes: steamed zucchini and lentils. I don’t always have the most exciting dishes each day but they get the job done and I’m always happy to have fresh veggies on hand since for a while they were the most expensive thing on the planet and all we had were mushy, watery frozen veg. IMG_4846Dessert: some cacao in hot water with a turkish delight – I could easily feast on those little squares of doom all day long, but instead I took my second dessert in the form of more papaya – a worthy compromise. I don’t know when dessert became an integral part of my day but I always get massive cravings at night for sweet things, and that’s where fruit is a happy finale to the day. I also tend to make a lot of frozen protein-based treats like these creamy chocolate bars, because they hit the spot but also don’t make me feel terrible.IMG_4852 IMG_4703Anyhow, some of you might have seen on Instagram but my home office is finally in phase 1! I go to the institution’s campus twice a week to show face but the rest of the time I’ve got this happy, sunlit room all to myself…and cats. It’s still a work in progress and I’ll show it off with my blogging station that’s opposite this, but it’s so inviting and warm that I really enjoy working all the more. I’ve spent a few hours today already making videos on plagiarism and there’s nothing more exciting than doing what I love and getting to stare out to the garden to see the other two kitties pounce like foxes at moths or twitchy bits of grass ❤IMG_4782This cat… is just too cute for words! The best office assistant ever ❤IMG_4823

Happy Wednesday!

8 thoughts on “Weekend WIAW

  1. Hello sweetie! Merry Christmas to you! xxx I did it! I made & published my 1st E-bbok! yay! It is called Healthy Vegan Christmas & you can get it if you subscribe to my blog! xxxx

    Thanks for encouraging me to do so! xxxx


  2. This was a fun change of pace! I like the collage pics, it’s weird seeing an entire day of food altogether. I also like how all your meals have a dessert/post-meal snack 🙂 Gotta sprinkle the sweet stuff in all day–I’m the same way. You pack in a lot of veg and fruit between mugs of warm things, puts my veg quota to shame lol. And it looks like the Masterchef watching is paying off for both of you 🙂

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    • 😀 The warm stuff is just there to ensure I don’t go into shock after all the chilly treats – I usually end up with chattering teeth and in the hot shower to get my temperature back up to something resembling human – sacrifices for winter! 😉


  3. I love how there’s just SOOO much variety and color and yet all real food ❤ #plantbasedreality 😉

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