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Mad hatters, old friends, good cheer and scones to boot!

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So the other day ol pals of mine who have moved over yonder to the British side of life officially announced their engagement, despite being as married as can be for a long while now. I was so gleeful and glad about this whole cycle of events that I felt it needed a little bit of celebrating all the way from dinky South Africa. Co-incidentally, I found a tray the other day in my pantry (had been holding all the nut butters and oils) which was becoming rather slippery and gross. Man-friend D had drawn on the My Little Pony tea set tray Lady-friend M and I had bought in a frenzy of madness. We tried to bake some brownies or others in the cups (failed, alas, those did), but I kept my tray all these years, loving the uniqueness and the surreal darkness on this innocent, happy little tray. Alas, considering it’s state, it will have to be retired. 


Something to enjoy atop the tray, you say? Why yes, why not an almond and lemon zest scone with avo almond butter and lemon glaze? :D

This recipe was just incredibly easy – no stress, no fuss! I’ve never baked with almond flour before, but I figured low carbs and high in good fats cannot be a bad combination. I was actually very naughty, however, and added 1/4 – 1/3 cup oat bran, just to give it some more fibre and goodness that way. *koff*

EIther way, I LOVE the lemon zest. In fact, It was so tasty that I ate the rest of the lemon, de-zested, just like that! Spat out the pits like a hooligan but wauw! Never had such fun with such a beautiful and sweet-sharp creature as this before….getting distracted…whups!



For the green “glaze”:

I took the leftover from yesterday’s avocado icing:

1 small avo (as in, small)

– 3 TBSP icing sugar

– 2.5 TBSP almond butter (noommmmm)

– tiny splash lemon juice

– quarter teaspoon green colouring

(in case you’d forgotten!)

I’ve now added 1 TBSP more fresh lemon juice, 3 or so TBSP boiling water, 1 TBSP more almond butter and a tiny blop of agave.


The scones are very squishy and lovely, but not at all the uber sweet delight that some may be used to (though what do I know, this is my first scone in years!). The avo glaze is also not very sweet, which is why I decided to abandon all attempts at keeping it all healthy and added some melted dark chocolate swirls for kicks. :D


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