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Tofu PB cream pie {vegan}

Oh my soul, how is it already Wednesday?? Usually I would be clawing at the walls in anguish, waiting for the weekend, but this weekend we’re heading to Morocco for 12 or so days, and I haven’t been on an overseas plane in eight or so years, so yikes! This week is therefore going to be packed with packing, so I decided to share this whilst I still can: a super delicious, not too sweet but utterly decadent tofu PB cream pie!Tofu PB cream pie {vegan} via Marfigs' MunchiesAnd before I forget, if any of you would like to use Facebook as your main means of being notified of new posts on the blog, take a second to eyeball the following! 🙂 Too many “followers” on Facebook just aren’t getting their fair share of shiny, and I’d really love for every post to reach each and every one of you who are interested.facebookmarfigs Continue reading


Spicy red lentil hummus + baked tofu fig sandwich

As part of my continued celebration of our fig tree I’m showing off the lunch I had on Tuesday after my Fig Newton Smoothie breakfast. Figs, figs and figs! ❤ I sent out a plea on Facebook and on the blog for ideas and one of them was figs, ricotta and toast. Since I don’t do ricotta this was my take on it: smoky sweet on delicious rye bread, though you can use GF bread just as easily. So many good things in each bite!

sandyprofileAnd in case you missed it I’m hosting a NuNaturals giveaway – four winners and it’s open internationally! The contest ends on 16 January so head on over and enter 😀


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WIAW + fresh fig and smoky tofu + aubergine wrap

Wednesday has come and gone, and so once again I have the big pleasure of sharing WIAW! 😀 I even made up something special, so click to ogle and to see the recipe below.


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Stuffed creamed spinach wraps

Often when going out to restaurants most vegetarian options always list creamed spinach. I’ve never been wild about it, and certainly now it gives me the shivers, but I do love spinach, and I adore beans, so why not mash them together for a much more superior creamy spinach dish?platedcreamOf course, since we’re at it, there may as well be mini wraps, because life is sad otherwise.

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Strawberry corn cheesecake delight

Rawr! Ok, I must admit this recipe, based on name alone, may be rather confusing. I was vacillating between corn in the crust or corn in the cake and decided on the latter for today’s munchies. Corn is one of those ingredients I don’t generally indulge in for some bizarre reason, even though I adore it passionately. Sweetish, nom, and just plain versatile. I also love cheesecake something fierce, so this happened. 🙂

Also, I’m sharing this on the Virtual Vegan Linky Potluck – do have a squizz and join in – there are so many delicious treats each week! 😀

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Tofu sprout tacos

tacosides2I was explaining what a parfait was the other day to Man-thing when he suddenly piped up and said that, considering my background, I wasn’t actually a snob. It was random, but rather sweet. Diplomats don’t actually live glamorous lives, and as a kid there was nothing more boring than attending or hosting endless cocktail parties, making small talk about the South African economy with people in suits. I turned out a bit of a mongrel because I didn’t always pay attention, so it still takes me a few minutes to figure out where the knives and glasses go when setting a proper table, or how to eat certain foods. There’s nothing better IMO than standing over a sink eating a mango like a zombie or licking my fingers clean of ketchup and fries, because it’s the absolute opposite of all that pomp and ridiculousness I was exposed to. I’m sure all those diplomats wanted nothing better than to kick off their shoes after a long day and sit together on a couch eating comfort food and shooting the breeze about interesting topics.

Mess appeals, because it’s very much sensory and feels much more indulgent than sipping delicately on bubbly and wiping the corners of my mouth with a dainty piece of cloth. With that in mind, I’ve been very excited to try out this delightful set of taco shells we found at the amazing grocer on the way to the cat shelter, and it’s taken a lot of self control not to just scarf them down like crackers but to actually take the time to fill them and play around with tastes. Continue reading


Cauliflower tofu power noodles

Working in a library has its perks. There’s the rule about quiet, which I love, and it forces people to sit still and get to the point. Not everyone sticks to the rules, but in general, about 70% of the time, I don’t feel myself reaching for a calming pill (any more!). On the downside, however, it’s infested with people. Lots of them. Germ-y, coughing, sneezing people who invade my personal space, touch my things, and then leave me sick. I try and eat so that my immune system is spanking and fresh, but it can only resist the powerful ooze of human contact or proximity for so long before it succumbs. At the moment my body is in limbo; sore throat, blah mind, and achy body. It did stop me from going to class yesterday, but not to the voting station today; for some things one just needs to put on two layers of socks and hit the streets in outdoor-pajama garb with a belly full of waffle.

In such moments of sadness and soreness one needs to fuel up to bring about a sense of cheer in lieu of physical well-being. Sloppy, tasty, and back-to-basics food that just smacks of healthful indulgence. I’ve been nursing a pack of udon noodles in the pantry for the past two weeks, and the breaking point has been reached! The fact that a voting day = day off from work is but a bonus in my evil plans. This dish therefore marks my return to the mini weekday, easy dinner meals series – my dismay about a still broken oven got the better of me for the past few days, but I’ve decided that most people probably don’t have my obsession with oven-baking during the week anyway 😉

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