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Crave Eat Heal review {Vegan MOFO}

Review time! Today’s Vegan Mofo theme is my favourite cookook, so I’ve been saving this post especially for this occasion 😀 Annie’s is one of the first vegan blogs that I stumbled across (now years ago?? Time, you sly dog!), and I spent a long while stalking her blog before I plucked up the courage to talk to the sweetest person ever. Imagine how psyched I am to be able to review this glorious tome now!
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Veganism and the curative diet: when healthy eating isn’t enough

Everyone has issues. Physically no body can be perfect; some people may have allergies, others digestive issues. Some may be on pain management diets, and others on a diet to address very specific diseases or simply suited to their ethical framework. What happens when one has multiple problems that attack your body, all with very different, often conflicting “solutions”? And what is there to do when you already eat a healthy, balanced diet and still struggle with your body and a never-ending sense of discomfort and pain? For some of you, don’t worry, this isn’t a “why I’m not vegan anymore” post, but I do have some things I’d like to share and get your opinion on.thinking-out-loud

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Almost raw nut butter + cranberry delight bites (GF)

As many of you may know, I like to keep some freezer treats on hand in case of desperate munchies when fruit, carrot sticks or cucumbers just won’t cut it. These beauties have texture, spice, and fruity crunch with the cranberries, slathered in a mocha chocolate nut butter drizzle for the ultimate in healthy indulgence.bittendelightyegods
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29 days of rice – Meatless Monday Top 10 picks – day 6

Ok, so I hope everyone is willing to forgive me if I take a little breather on Mondays and instead bring to you a top 10 list of awesome vegan dishes that focus on rice!


It shouldn’t be any surprise that I like lists. I’ve even got a bookmark folder called “vegan lists” for all your delicious top picks. It’s one of the reasons I fail hard at pinning – there aren’t any numbers! Hopefully somewhere in this list there’s a dish that’s calling out to you so that you can also join in on MM – even as a vegan! Continue reading


WIAW raw(ish)til4: baked rice hummus stack + what the world eats

For this WIAW I decided to do something wild and different (for me, at least) – a rawtil4 day! I’ve seen lots of bloggers give it a go, and, whilst I’m not convinced about it as a sustainable lifestyle (steamed carrots FTW!), I do eat a lot of raw goods and figured it could be interesting to try it out. I’ve been prepping the whole week with ideas of how to stay full and fed, because my pre-diabetic tendencies mean I cannot eat 10 bananas without the dry mouth and plummeting energy, so this won’t be a collection of monster smoothies. Instead, healthy treats all round!

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Lemon curd brownie bliss balls

Sometimes I get stumped by the world of food bloggers. Their jargon and technical means are very much part of a learning process, even after stalking vegan bloggers for a considerable amount of years now. One of these puzzling terms is “bliss balls”. I know, right? It’s a ball and…blissful? Anyway, I’ve seen very many variations of bliss balls after a very dangerous and hunger-inducing search, so I figured whatever I made would just have to be accepted as such.


These bliss balls are actually a gift for pal Charlene, since she was the birthday girl yesterday! I find food to be a super practical gift because you eat it and then it’s done, whereas with items or physical objects there’s not always an agreement on taste or even space! Continue reading


Since when did vegetables stop counting as food? Hearty salad to the rescue + WIAW!


I’m back on track with another WIAW today…but for yesterday (since I can never be on time)! I was pretty demoralized last week to discover that working full days meant my time for blogging and for event taking a few snaps of food was severely snapped in half, so I decided to throw a thumb at the clock and show you what I munched yesterday. Continue reading