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Vegan guava chia fridge tart

This is something that comes out of the memory banks – I used to make this dish now and again in high school as an excuse to eat easy pudding and it seems to be one of those typical South African dishes that comes together very quickly with great success. Of course veganizing the past doesn’t always lead down a straightforward¬†path, but I’ve managed to keep it as simple as possible whilst keeping to the original. Click to explore!guavatart5But before you do that, don’t forget to enter the international NuNaturals giveaway – 4 winners with fabulous prizes! ūüėÄ It’s really easy to enter and I promise you won’t regret the best lucky packet of your foodie life! Click the picture to go to the entry post.¬†bananasplitcake

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Ouma’s ginger pie {vegan MOFO}

Here goes nothing! My grandmother’s ginger pie¬†veganized¬†and¬†healthy-fied! When I first saw the recipe I wanted to cry because there was so much sugar and processed ingredients, but this is hopefully still delicious, tasty, indulgent, and not too depressing for my grandmother, even though it’s totally different :p
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Zucchini berry almond cobbler

I might have gone and done something amazingly silly, but I don’t regret it. I only regret that I’m the only weirdo in Real Life that seems to think this dish is perfectly normal. Either way, it’s delicious, and that’s what matters most! We’re now on the very edges of stormy season by the look of things, and there’s nothing better than pulling this dish out of the toasty oven and munching in pajamas.

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No-bake braided chocolate mousse tart

topmoussecake2I am SO excited about today’s post! I was working a full day on Wednesday, and ended up daydreaming about food (as is usually the case) when this just blitzed into my brain. Chocolate? Naturally! Buckwheat? But of course! SO EXCITED!
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Delicious veggie lasagna (noodle-free/gf)

Today¬†we’re jazzing over to my dad’s place to have some lunch with him and my in-laws. I offered to make something for myself so that my dad & co could be on their own mission food-wise. I’vebeen craving something between a bobotie and a lasagna for a while now, so that’s what popped out of the oven, and let me just say it is deeelicious! I’m not always a fan of non-whole foods such as the packet or frozen soy products, but sometimes it just gets the job done in an oh-so-satisfying way. I tried out the chakalaka flavour of the Imana Soy Mince brand and¬†I suspect we’re going to be knee-deep in soy mince for the next few months, but at this point, if it all tastes like this “lasagna”, then I am honestly beyond caring. :p

This lasagna/casserole is uber tasty, uber easy, and happens to be pink on top, which is just cool. I happened to have some plum-onion preserve on hand that I made the other day as a filling to an alternate streusel cake (and it was AWESOME), but if you don’t have such a thing handy substitute it for 1/4 cup of homemade jam/chutney – maybe even some barbecue sauce (actually, nevermind “maybe”, YES! If you have some, be smart about life and do it!).

lasagnaplated2Ooey and gooey and delicious and savoury and textured and nom? My brain explodes each time I take a bite!

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