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Buckwheat banana mint mash pancake {gf + v}


I survived my first week of the new (second) job and am now bouncing forward into week two. As much as I like to stay on top of things and organized sometimes things do get put on the side, like the two assignments due Friday for my library diploma. Whoops. But stressing is for people who don’t have easy mint mash pancakes in their life, so I’m going to have a few late nights this week but I figure it was worth it for a bit of relaxation over the weekend. Pancakes certainly make me feel like I’m spoiling myself, so as a beginning-of-week-treat last night it worked wonders!
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Sloppy joe pumpkin potatoes {vegan + gluten-free}

There are some things I’ve always been keen to try, and a sloppy joe is one of them. This dish takes a pumpkin-based joe and stuffs it into a grilled baby potato instead of a huge burger, because we impulsively bought the little buggers and then were kind of at a loss as to what to do with them, not being big fans usually. May I just say, yum?

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Spicy hot cross bun hot chocolate {vegan + gluten-free}

Earlier this week I posted a spicy hot cross bun smoothie recipe to celebrate spring for the northern hemisphere, so now I post a hot chocolate to commiserate with my fellows in the south as winter looms around the corner. This is a super healthy, rich drink that’s so thick you can eat it with a spoon (as I did). The ingredients are very similar to the smoothie but just geared for fluffy socks and tasseled hats. Still, there’s nothing that stops anyone from sitting in front of a fan with this drink in hand 🙂hotcrossbunpotmarfigs1

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Spicy hot cross bun smoothie {vegan + gluten-free}

Wait, what? That’s right. Spicy hot cross bun flavoured smoothie. I’m not always in the mood for an actual hot cross bun (ok, lies, I’m lazy), so this is the best way to ensure all us smoothie freaks get the flavour sensation of one of my favourite Easter treats in our usual form. Am I driving you crazy? Blog world, you drive me insane! I’m nestled down in the southern hemisphere where it’s almost on the brink of the chilly season and I get cranky because the northern hemisphere is living it up with fruit salads, vegan ice-cream and taunting talk of picnics in the sun. So for this post I’m going to do it your way and go with something chilly, and then on Friday I’m going to go wild and post a hot cross bun hot chocolate recipe…stay tuned! 😀bunsmoothietopprofilemarfigs Continue reading


Falafel + pita crouton salad

The other day I was chatting with a friend and we got around to talking about what she usually eats, since she doesn’t cook much and has a super busy lifestyle in a cat shelter. I’m usually quite flummoxed in such situations because cooking is the only way I eat, so when she said she mostly chowed on salads that were pumped up with things like beans and corn I was at ease again, because that’s the best kind of salad there is: filling and stuffed with goodness. Since I received a falafel mix box as part of a foodie xmas gift, I decided this was the perfect time to try out my version of a filling salad. Too much tasty! saladfalafeltopBefore we move on, however, don’t forget that there are 5 days left to enter the NuNaturals giveaway – 4 possible winners and it’s super easy to enter: follow the Rafflecopter link and answer the question in the comments section with your email address. It’s that simple!


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29 days of rice – choco splash roasted zucchini banana split – day 25

I love banana split. I love bananas, nuts, chocolate sauce…the works. BUT what I love equally or perhaps even moreso than those things is roasted zucchini, or roasted anything for that matter. This is my way of sneaking in some vegetables to a perfectly respectable dessert or breakfast dish (because some of you are crazy enough) whilst attending to my sweet tooth 100%.donkeytreatmanthing1I love ice-cream. It’s my one great vegan sadness that there are no gelato-style vegan ice-creams available in my city…or perhaps anywhere in the country, but that’s why when we try out any form of ice-cream my soul soars. Of course, I’m a monster who hates using cream, so they don’t ever come out traditional, but this creamy, wonderfully tasty soft-serve hits the spot in so many ways. Best of all? Rice!

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29 days of rice: #TBT baked rice hummus stacks + 4 tips for better digestion – day 16

Another #TBT! I decided to mull over the delight I had on my crazy raw(ish) til 4 day: baked rice hummus stacks. These veggie-stuffed, nom fest stacks were what got me through that ridiculous day. Filling, amazing, flavourful, and full of protein and awesomness. Hyberbole? I think not.closeupthreestackednomsAlso, since I don’t just want to link and dash, I figured I could indulge in sharing 4 tips for better digestion. This isn’t because I’m dying to get all TMI, but because digestive distress is one of those things that really bugs newly minted vegans and sends them packing for the hills. Even veteran vegans sometimes have cause for complaint, and you should all know how I love bullet points and numbered lists by now!  Continue reading