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Tofu PB cream pie {vegan}

Oh my soul, how is it already Wednesday?? Usually I would be clawing at the walls in anguish, waiting for the weekend, but this weekend we’re heading to Morocco for 12 or so days, and I haven’t been on an overseas plane in eight or so years, so yikes! This week is therefore going to be packed with packing, so I decided to share this whilst I still can: a super delicious, not too sweet but utterly decadent tofu PB cream pie!Tofu PB cream pie {vegan} via Marfigs' MunchiesAnd before I forget, if any of you would like to use Facebook as your main means of being notified of new posts on the blog, take a second to eyeball the following! 🙂 Too many “followers” on Facebook just aren’t getting their fair share of shiny, and I’d really love for every post to reach each and every one of you who are interested.facebookmarfigs Continue reading


Staggered shepherd’s pie

It’s Monday! I have no idea how that happened, other than blinking away the weekend. We’re mired in a heat wave at the moment and yet somehow I ended up in front of an oven the whole of yesterday, baking away on what felt like a billion projects. This one was meant to just be a hearty meal, but it managed to get the Man-thing stamp of approval, so you know it has to be shiny! Whether you’re up north enjoying the spoils of snow, or down south and happy to eat cold leftovers, this is a dish that can be made with ridiculously little effort, which is always in season.shepardspienomsplash Continue reading


Pretzel pesto + smoky hummus pumpkin pie {and a tour of the new house!}

Ta ra! Now that the 29 days of rice to celebrate the new house is over, I thought I’d actually share what this mystical house looks like at the end of the week when everyone’s getting ready to relax and what not. It’s still far from finished, and we have a ton of projects awaiting us, but this is the tarted up “before” version, I guess. If you’ve missed the 29 days of rice posts just click the category tag. 🙂 I’ll be sharing a super delicious and hearty pumpkin pie recipe at the end, but for now, sit back and take a tour!spectacleearthhousecollage

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Cake or death? Healthy chocolate cake and samosa skull pie

skullpietopside2Sometimes the universe sends you a ridiculous amount of reasons to celebrate and hence to make cake. Let me just get our big news out of the way so that we can get to the business of food. The reason I’ve been so suddenly budget conscious and penny-pinching of late is that our loan got approved yesterday and Man-thing and I will be home owners! 😀 That’s right, the dream house I was swooning about? It has a stunning blue kitchen and is just lovely and spacious. We’re properly horrified and respectful of the interest rate on the loan (yeesh, you may more than triple what you actually require at the end of the day!) but we are absolutely ready to move out and expand our possibilities.skullpietopside

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Cherry tomato pie with nutty parsnip peppadew crust

platedpiebbiteWhat to do with an excess of cherry tomatoes? But pie, of course! Delicious and flavourful reclaimed cracker crust with the sweet tang of tomatoes atop a creamy beany filling with the suprise of baby corn and zucchini nestled inside. Oh man, comfort food is just divine, especially on a sunny but chilly winter’s day.

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Soy, beet and pumpkin parcel pies

Today I decided to splash out and make something indulgent and tasty. I’ve been getting a lot of grief lately (see below recipe) so treating myself and Man-thing was the only clear solution. For Man-thing, indulgence usually revolves around weird things like marmite sandwiches or pies. I decided to try my hand at pies again, because they came out rather well last time, but I wanted to test out different ingredients. Let’s just say the professions of love I got after Man-thing took a tester bite are enough to convince me this is a champ of a recipe, and easy to boot. It’s based, as was my previous version, on My Inspiration’s mushroom parcels – they know what’s what over there! Now come see what’s going on over here! 😀

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healthy sweet treats and a pumpkin berry pie

You know that feeling when you’re out of Lindt chocolate and suddenly all you can think is “SUGAR” (natural sugar, mind). Well, I’m having that feeling rather intensely. Also, the desperate need to get rid of the last of the carrot juice (seriously). Therefore I thought it time to test out some small, single serving tasty anytime desserts. Usually I slice up bananas, freeze them and just pop a slice or two when I want a splash of sweetness on the tongue, but with Real Life looming something told me I had to step it up. Therefore I present chocolate covered fruit in cashew carrot cups….or fruity nut cups for short.


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