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The chocolate cleanse riot: free ebook!

It’s finally here!! I can’t remember if I’ve been sneaky or not about this ebook (which is possibly another layer of ninja if I can hide even that from myself) but I’ve finished and it’s all yours for free and it’s 100% dedicated to my food mistress: chocolate. No matter how busy I get or how lazy, there’s always time in the day for a nibble on something chocolate-y. I may have something of an addiction, but I’ve decided to make a total chocolate cleanse for myself….with chocolate. And since it’s free, you can “cleanse” with me! 😀Chocolate Cleanse Riot Ebook via Marfigs Munchies Continue reading

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GF + V Penny pancakes {vegan MOFO}

Welcome to another installment of Vegan Mofo! I’m hoping you’ll forgive my absence since I’m technically crashing the party anyway 😉 Today’s theme is the most retro, so I spent my sick day yesterday trolling the web for retro recipes and came across this. The second I showed it to Man-thing he was sold and insisted on the whole matter, which is why you have faux sausages instead of some horrifying jelly mould. I guess that’s a good thing! Retro is a very, very scary term to search for, as it turns out.

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Buckwheat banana mint mash pancake {gf + v}


I survived my first week of the new (second) job and am now bouncing forward into week two. As much as I like to stay on top of things and organized sometimes things do get put on the side, like the two assignments due Friday for my library diploma. Whoops. But stressing is for people who don’t have easy mint mash pancakes in their life, so I’m going to have a few late nights this week but I figure it was worth it for a bit of relaxation over the weekend. Pancakes certainly make me feel like I’m spoiling myself, so as a beginning-of-week-treat last night it worked wonders!
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Taco cornmeal pancakes {vegan and gluten-free}

You’re probably looking at the title, then looking at the picture, and then asking yourself where the tacos are. Well, no tacos for us, since I can’t find any, and also because this is far superior. All the taco fixings stacked and smashed between absolutely delightful spiced thick and firm cornmeal pancakes. This is a filling, ridiculously happy meal made with all natural ingredients. Yes and yes!tacobeanpileprofile

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Stuffed creamed spinach wraps

Often when going out to restaurants most vegetarian options always list creamed spinach. I’ve never been wild about it, and certainly now it gives me the shivers, but I do love spinach, and I adore beans, so why not mash them together for a much more superior creamy spinach dish?platedcreamOf course, since we’re at it, there may as well be mini wraps, because life is sad otherwise.

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29 days of rice – baked pancake with 4-ingredient ice-cream + 4 tips for the long-haul blog post theme – day 29!

It’s done! I actually managed 29 days of rice to celebrate our new house 😀 Thank you to everyone who has been following along this crazy little meander into property talk, infinite rice, and wacky ideas! To celebrate I made a baked pancake with all the fixings. I figured that today is totally on par with graduating or having a birthday – any excuse to go large!pinterstpancakeI’m also going to detail some things I’ve learnt from these 29 days of rice through 4 tips for the long-haul blog post theme, just because it’s been a real experience! Alas, with all this madness I figured it wouldn’t be fair to show a WIAW on top of all the inevitable text and pics from a thousand angles, so you’ll have to forgive me this week’s breather on that front. 🙂

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29 days of rice – Rice crepes with bean creamed corn hummus – day 18

I’m pretty excited about this, because I suck at pancakes or anything flat in a pan, and I actually managed crepes! 😀 Healthy, delicious, and stuffed with a delicious bean creamed corn hummus filling for extra cheer 😀crepeprofile

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