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29 days of rice – Meatless Monday Top 5 picks, rice-cream frappé + s’more cups – day 20

It’s chilly out these days for no good reason, but it doesn’t mean I don’t like bundling up and enjoying something cool. For some reason I prefer ice-cream and chilly treats when I’m in padded boots and stockings. Luckily the nippiness strikes only in the mornings and evenings, so I can thaw out properly at some point. Point being, there’s always a good time to have these treats 😀

bannerfrappesmorecloseupAlso, since I love lists, here are my top 5 to celebrate Meatless Monday!

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29 days of rice – Meatless Monday + rice-nog – day 13

Ahoy! We’re back today to Meatless Monday – a glorious way to start any week, methinks! It’s a big excuse to go wild and try out new things, I figure, so I decided to make something different. I have to admit I’ve never had eggnog in my life, but I figure this can’t be too fail if it just so happens to be delicious. Also, this is the bizzare realm of Marfigs, so even if we have a naked emperor sipping fake ‘nog, it’s all good.topstrawnog3Someone asked whether this tastes like rice, and the answer is no! If you blend it for long enough it will be absolutely creamy, and with the dates, sweetener and rum it is just heavenly. Seriously. 😀

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29 days of rice – Meatless Monday Top 10 picks – day 6

Ok, so I hope everyone is willing to forgive me if I take a little breather on Mondays and instead bring to you a top 10 list of awesome vegan dishes that focus on rice!


It shouldn’t be any surprise that I like lists. I’ve even got a bookmark folder called “vegan lists” for all your delicious top picks. It’s one of the reasons I fail hard at pinning – there aren’t any numbers! Hopefully somewhere in this list there’s a dish that’s calling out to you so that you can also join in on MM – even as a vegan! Continue reading


Nutty cranberry date raw cake

sidecakenoms3Man-thing and I, along with pal Lize, decided yesterday that we’re going to do a 10km fun run (or brisk walk) on Saturday. We haven’t prepared for it, having barely survived the winter, but I figure 10km won’t kill us, and we do enjoy those outings lots. I’m forgoing the gym this week then in order to practice walk with Man-thing for 40 minutes or so each day after work to get us into some semblance of fit-shape, since we each have our own aches and pains. To round off each day’s walk, as a treat, I figured I’d whip something up made of odds and ends in the house. This cake is the nommy and rather random result! Continue reading


Lemon cream cookies + Meatless Monday

lemoncreamplateLearning how to cook is a never-ending process. It can be exhilarating, demoralizing, and certainly agonizing! Even so many years after first learning how to boil water (and not insisting loudly on Facebook that water can burn!), I still get moments that show me that my skills are not always on par with my imagination. Sometimes it’s good to take one or two steps back and simply reflect on the basics and try and get them right before attempting grand adventures! Enter cookies 😀 Continue reading