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A trip to Morocco!

Ok, I’m going to start this all of by reminding everyone that I used to be a diplomat’s brat and spent about 20 years travelling up and down the world, so contrary, I guess, to what most people will imagine, I would happily burn my passport and never leave the country. Nevertheless the thought of disappointing my little siblings was too great a feat to overcome, so Man-thing and I packed up our goodies and presents, and said goodbye to the cats as we marched off to the airport for a holiday. This is a little overview of what we got up to! Moroccotrip

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Hot cross bundt cake {vegan + gluten-free}

Ahoy from Morocco! The radio silence on the blog and elsewhere has been the result of intense tourist vibes, but I had to stop and say hi with some delicious cake that we munched last week before leaving for Rabat.Hot cross bundt cake {vegan and gluten-free} via Marfigs' Munchies

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Guide to using up holiday leftovers

HolidayleftoversIt’s something of a law of nature: our eyes are always bigger than our stomachs (no matter how hard we try) in the holidays. So much baking, faffing and sighing, and then the hard, stale reality of excess that sits in the fridge for a week or two to silently judge us. Or, you know, it’s tough to work out portion ratio per person when everyone treats the holidays differently: some as a challenge of excess, and others as a season of torture and self-control so they don’t come out the other end in stretchy pants.

Moreso than my issue with clothes that don’t fit in January is the leftovers that get out of control. Waste makes me sad, because what we usually get rid of is actually edible. This is a little guide to help you plot what you can do with the never-ending crumbles of what you’ve been scoffing.

And before you go a-clicking, don’t forget to download my free mini me holiday ebook 🙂veganxmassplash

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Cracked chocolate egg cake {vegan + gluten-free}

The internet has exploded into a frenzy of yellow and chocolate and all good things, so I’ve decided to contribute in my own, Marfigian way to the whole show by bringing you this fun, gluten-free cracked vegan chocolate egg cake! 😀

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Spicy hot cross bun hot chocolate {vegan + gluten-free}

Earlier this week I posted a spicy hot cross bun smoothie recipe to celebrate spring for the northern hemisphere, so now I post a hot chocolate to commiserate with my fellows in the south as winter looms around the corner. This is a super healthy, rich drink that’s so thick you can eat it with a spoon (as I did). The ingredients are very similar to the smoothie but just geared for fluffy socks and tasseled hats. Still, there’s nothing that stops anyone from sitting in front of a fan with this drink in hand 🙂hotcrossbunpotmarfigs1

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Spicy hot cross bun smoothie {vegan + gluten-free}

Wait, what? That’s right. Spicy hot cross bun flavoured smoothie. I’m not always in the mood for an actual hot cross bun (ok, lies, I’m lazy), so this is the best way to ensure all us smoothie freaks get the flavour sensation of one of my favourite Easter treats in our usual form. Am I driving you crazy? Blog world, you drive me insane! I’m nestled down in the southern hemisphere where it’s almost on the brink of the chilly season and I get cranky because the northern hemisphere is living it up with fruit salads, vegan ice-cream and taunting talk of picnics in the sun. So for this post I’m going to do it your way and go with something chilly, and then on Friday I’m going to go wild and post a hot cross bun hot chocolate recipe…stay tuned! 😀bunsmoothietopprofilemarfigs Continue reading


Vegan round-ups for St. Paddy’s day + sweet potato matcha cake {vegan + gluten-free}

Green! Green everywhere! I see green at every single meal I eat, so St Paddy’s Day being around the corner is a solid excuse to indulge in celebrating the aesthetics of the occasion at the very least, since a bit of research on what the Irish actually eat is pretty non-vegan, to say the least. Here be a round up of green vegan recipes and topped with a sweet potato matcha cake recipe! splashystpaddys twoprofilecakesapproved
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Life in Pictures Link Up # 3 of 2015 – holiday!

It’s time again for a Life in Pictures Link Up, with me playing co-host to Linda over at The Fitty! Lucky for you this week was full of adventure thanks to a holiday in the mountains. In case this is the first you’re hearing of the LIPLU, the point is to regale you with pictures of the past week with minimal text – for someone as verbose as I am, this is naturally a challenge and therefore something of a delight!
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WIAW: holiday edition!

Happy holidays everyone! I hope you’re all perfectly chilled out and enjoying the peace and quiet that we can create for ourselves this time of year. Let’s have a squizz at what I ate yesterday 😀header.jpg

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10 last minute holiday dishes + 10 tips for last minute prep

You know how it goes – you plan months in advance for what your ideal holiday feast will be like, and how everyone will fall over themselves with glee at your treats, and how the heavens will burst with candy inscribed with your name… and then the holidays actually come around and you’re still not done with the year and the shops are too full to really stand and then you happened to invite a thousand guests on a whim and now have to feed them.

Sound familiar? These are some last-minute holiday dishes that really are easy to whip up, and some tips for last-minute prep to help you keep your groove and still spoil your guests in a way that won’t ooze stress and panic, but rather shine with cheer and goodwill.top101

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