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Guide to using up holiday leftovers

HolidayleftoversIt’s something of a law of nature: our eyes are always bigger than our stomachs (no matter how hard we try) in the holidays. So much baking, faffing and sighing, and then the hard, stale reality of excess that sits in the fridge for a week or two to silently judge us. Or, you know, it’s tough to work out portion ratio per person when everyone treats the holidays differently: some as a challenge of excess, and others as a season of torture and self-control so they don’t come out the other end in stretchy pants.

Moreso than my issue with clothes that don’t fit in January is the leftovers that get out of control. Waste makes me sad, because what we usually get rid of is actually edible. This is a little guide to help you plot what you can do with the never-ending crumbles of what you’ve been scoffing.

And before you go a-clicking, don’t forget to download my free mini me holiday ebook 🙂veganxmassplash

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Free E-book and no-bake Neapolitan bars

It’s finally here! The root veggie loaded e-book – all for free 😀 I’ve always been a bit skittish of root veggies, but this journey of testing out strange new recipes has me converted – YUM! I’ve also decided to share one of my favourite recipes from the e-book: no-bake Neapolitan bars, or nom-nom bars as I like to call them. radishsplashpageneapolitanbar1 Continue reading


Brownie nut ice-cream

If you are a regular to the vegan meringue-making way of things, as I have now become, then you’ll probably be left with more than your oven can handle. Enter (as always) ice-cream! Delicious, amazing, chocolate-y and creamy, absolutely beautiful brownie nut ice-cream 😀 brownieicecreamsplash Continue reading


PB popcorn squares

I thought I could wait until tomorrow to share this but I just can’t. It’s SO GOOD! This is deliciousness and I am totally unapologetic for it. If you have popcorn, PB, chickpeas and chocolate make this now. You will not be sorry! 😀


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Minty nut chocolate

Chooocooollaatteee! I recently saw, for the first time ever, 99% Lindt chocolate in the shops and nearly fell over myself with NOMWANTMUSTHAVE, but the price tag was a bit too much for me (that’s easily 4 – 5 bags of carrots!) so I decided to make my own dark choc and pretty it up. Sometimes one just needs a little something in the house that can quickly sort out cravings, and this is my kind of treat!peppermintchocsplash

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Banoffee ice-cream bars

Today’s treat is something I made thanks to a surplus of leftover meringue mix, and you’ll probably notice from my past few posts that I’ve discovered this to be a magical ingredient for create a smooth, rich ice-cream base. It might be all the sugar that gets me a little high, but I figure now and again one needs to dive face-first into something delicious! This is the deconstructed banoffee ice-cream bar version of the amazing looking pies I’ve seen online, because I much prefer freezer treats that will last a long while and be on hand for emergency dessert or snacks. Yuuumm! banoffeesplash Continue reading


Persimmon oat parfait + spiced carrot cup chocolates This breakfast treat is in response to the nightmare that is library cataloguing, which I’m studying at the moment and which is making me reconsider life and breathe in chocolate as a more inspiring form of oxygen. I read the other day about how if one starts the day with your chocolate then you’ll crave it less the rest of the day. Well, that’s all lies but it was a good excuse to soothe my soul, bloodshot eyes and wired brain with some chocolate cup topped breakfast parfait goodness.

persimmonparfaitsplashDon’t forget you can download my free GF + vegan ebook by clicking the link below! 😀craftycarrotscover

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