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Shepherd’s pie quesadilla {vegan + gluten-free}

Phew! When is it holiday?? These days every moment, even those in which I am supposedly bored, are basically booked or planned for. I’m not exhausted per se, just rather grumpy.Β Anyway, all that being said I did some meal prep on Sunday which helped with stress relief and I felt much better, not to mention the house was nicely stocked again for a week’s worth of munching. This is more of an idea that a straight-up recipe, because the ingredients are plain and simple but the result tasty and filling!Vegan & GF Shepherd's Pie Quesadillas via Marfigs' MunchiesAnd once again remember to download the free Chocolate Cleanse Riot ebook! (I promise it’s a celebration of chocolate and not at all a traditional “cleanse” :p)The Chocolate Cleanse Riot - Marfigs' Munchies Continue reading


Creamy turtle chocolate squares

Ngghhh. I don’t know how else to introduce this, but it’s good. Really pretty on the slab and in my mouth. That sounds raunchier than it’s meant to be, but it’s Friday and my brain is somewhat fried :pCreamy turtle chocolate squares - Marfigs' Munchies [vegan + gluten-free]And before you all dash off to see what’s what, don’t forget to download your super free copy of The Chocolate Cleanse Riot ebook (all vegan and mostly gluten-free, and of course 100% dedicated to chocolate!) Click on the pic below to jump in πŸ˜€The Chocolate Cleanse Riot E-book via Marfigs' Munchies

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The chocolate cleanse riot: free ebook!

It’s finally here!! I can’t remember if I’ve been sneaky or not about this ebook (which is possibly another layer of ninja if I can hide even that from myself) but I’ve finished and it’s all yours for free and it’s 100% dedicated to my food mistress: chocolate. No matter how busy I get or how lazy, there’s always time in the day for a nibble on something chocolate-y. I may have something of an addiction, but I’ve decided to make a total chocolate cleanse for myself….with chocolate. And since it’s free, you can “cleanse” with me! πŸ˜€Chocolate Cleanse Riot Ebook via Marfigs Munchies Continue reading


Pumpkin blackstrap freezer tartlet

I love freezer treats so hard. I even have a tag, as you may have seen. Nom nom! It’s a non-stop heat wave in our part of the world and there’s no way to indulge in anything that isn’t chilled to the proverbial bone. This is a little treat, size-wise, but cut it up into little pieces and you have a delicious bit of munch for every day of the week. Sharing is totally optional πŸ˜€Β blackstrapfreezertarletspashAnd don’t forget about the free mini ebook you can download! Holidays may almost be over but there’s no reason not to spoil yourself every day of the year to come.Β veganxmassplash

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Guide to using up holiday leftovers

HolidayleftoversIt’s something of a law of nature: our eyes are always bigger than our stomachs (no matter how hard we try) in the holidays. So much baking, faffing and sighing, and then the hard, stale reality of excess that sits in the fridge for a week or two to silently judge us. Or, you know, it’s tough to work out portion ratio per person when everyone treats the holidays differently: some as a challenge of excess, and others as a season of torture and self-control so they don’t come out the other end in stretchy pants.

Moreso than my issue with clothes that don’t fit in January is the leftovers that get out of control. Waste makes me sad, because what we usually get rid of is actually edible. This is a little guide to help you plot what you can do with the never-ending crumbles of whatΒ you’ve been scoffing.

And before you go a-clicking, don’t forget to download my free mini me holiday ebook πŸ™‚veganxmassplash

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Stress-free festive fare: a mini vegan holiday ebook

It’s finally here! A short and breezy mini ebook for the vegan holiday hermit who also deserves to indulge πŸ˜€ If I could I would go into stasis mode for the holidays, but since that isn’t possible I do a lot of comfort eating, and I figure it does one good to just chill out instead of freak out over every festive little detail. If that sounds like you, click away! If you are secretly a festive fetishist, that’s also cool πŸ˜‰
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Veggie burger sandwich {GF + V}

I’m back (for now!) After the excitement of last week with giveaways and ebooks, it all hit a stand-still with sick kittens. I got pretty fed up of not making something fun or delicious (other than guzzling loads of NuNaturals Cocoa Syrup on everything) so burgers became my mission yesterday. I can’t begin to explain just how easy it is to make, and best of all it is veggie-loaded; in the burger and sandwiched in between. pumpkinburger15And don’t forget to check out the new Pumpkin-themed ebook, all free and ready for downloading πŸ™‚pumpkinsplash Continue reading


Free Ebook: Pumpkin Pickings + NuNaturals giveaway winners!

Ebook time! πŸ˜€ I’ve decided to hang up my apron and call it a day in order to bring you this bit of shiny today. We can sure all agree that this squashy pumpkin business is one of the best treats nature has to offer, and is easily swayed from salty to sweet. Have a click and download the absolutely free ebook (because you guys are awesomesauce)! Also, today’s the big day for announcing the 4 winners of the NuNaturals international giveaway πŸ˜€ebookblogcover

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Creamy lemon pasta (gf + v)

Life is great! The other shoe will always drop at some point, so I’ve decided to have a positive attitude in the meantime and just revel in life and all the fun things that are happening at the moment. As dork as it might sound my current glee is the two-day course I’m presenting, and it feels great to be back in an interactive class environment where researchers can see results in front of their very eyes. With all this busy stuff, in between doing assignments, my other work and general care-taking of cats, there isn’t much time for fancy business when it comes to food. That’s where this fun and delicious creamy lemon pasta comes in. Ka-pow!creamypastatopsplashI promise at some point I’ll stop spamming everyone, but remember you can click the link below to download the free new e-book with 30+ vegan root-veggie based recipes! πŸ˜€

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BBQ pulled sandwiches

Ok, so something weird happened in the kitchen, and the result is these bbq pulled sandwiches. I have no idea what to say other than yum and more please! :ptopbbqsandwichessplashAnd just to remind you, you can download the free e-book by clicking the pic below! πŸ˜€radishsplashpage

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