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Vegan guava chia fridge tart

This is something that comes out of the memory banks – I used to make this dish now and again in high school as an excuse to eat easy pudding and it seems to be one of those typical South African dishes that comes together very quickly with great success. Of course veganizing the past doesn’t always lead down a straightforward path, but I’ve managed to keep it as simple as possible whilst keeping to the original. Click to explore!guavatart5But before you do that, don’t forget to enter the international NuNaturals giveaway – 4 winners with fabulous prizes! 😀 It’s really easy to enter and I promise you won’t regret the best lucky packet of your foodie life! Click the picture to go to the entry post. bananasplitcake

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NuNaturals giveaway (4 winners)!

YAY! It’s finally here – a giveaway of my favourite brand of goodies: NuNaturals 😀 You may have seen it in the ingredient list of most of my recipes and there’s a reason for that. It is the most versatile range of products to give flavour and sweetness to my daily and special treats without the dread of sugar rushes and diabetes, and apart from that just tastes fabulous! Click below to enter the super easy, INTERNATIONAL giveaway! 😀 nnproteinpowdersmoothie

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GF strawberry chunk pie {vegan MOFO}

Vegan Mofo is doing a number on my pants size…or maybe that’s just how it goes when the world is full of delicious ingredients! Today’s theme is my favorite late summer food. Since it’s end of winter here in the Southern hemisphere and we’ve skipped over Spring (as usual) and gone straight into the twilight zone, I decided to go with strawberries since it’s one of the few times a year we cross paths with the North and get their end-of-season produce. I’ve been tormented all winter long with berry this and berry that, but I hope I’m not being cruel and that you can still get some in the shops or markets to make this easy and frakkin delicious mini pie!strawberrypie5


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Baked granola apples {vegan MOFO}

Ok, so I messed around a bit with today’s theme. “OMG, [Queen Elizabeth I] is coming over because she knows you make awesome vegan food! What are you going to make?” actually was something about President Obama, but since I’m not American and I’m a bit of a historical fangirl, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to make something delicious and wax lyrical about my heroine. You can’t get more basic in terms of ingredients than these baked granola apples, but combined they are lush and decadent. Fit for a queen slumming in modern South Africa?veganbakedapplessplash


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Chocolate covered cauliflower {Vegan MOFO!}

Today’s Vegan Mofo theme is a weird food combo that you love, so here goes nothing! I’m sure you were nodding your head at the title until you got to cauliflower and then just started rolling eyes or scoffing, but I had this epiphany about cauliflower whilst on a walk with a pal and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind, even though it was a bit of a joke at the time. Sometimes the silliest things can turn out to be the best.


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PB hummus + jam S’mores {vegan MOFO!}

I hope I’m not ruining anyone’s childhood by changing up the S’more a little, but I don’t have patience to make marshmallows (ok, so I don’t have a candy thermometer, rather!) and my childhood wasn’t one spent outside stuffing cookies with chocolate and white fluff (although if I’d known it existed I would have). Instead, I spent a ridiculous amount of time making endless PB & jam sandwiches; a food group unto itself. Well, there’s a time and place for everything, and the time for sandwiches is waning in my life as I find glee in better things, like lettuce wraps or PB & jam licked right off a spoon. This concoction is the fancy version of the spoon. With a fix of protein, grains, fat and fruit, I think I have my food pyramid covered 😉

Also, this post is for today’s Vegan Mofo 2015 theme: recreating a meal from my childhood. 😀pbhummussmoresplashcornweb

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Free E-book and no-bake Neapolitan bars

It’s finally here! The root veggie loaded e-book – all for free 😀 I’ve always been a bit skittish of root veggies, but this journey of testing out strange new recipes has me converted – YUM! I’ve also decided to share one of my favourite recipes from the e-book: no-bake Neapolitan bars, or nom-nom bars as I like to call them. radishsplashpageneapolitanbar1 Continue reading

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Sundae parfait

Sunday was all about comfort food, and hence the popcorn blizzard sundae parfait! 😀 Super easy to assemble and just uber tasty! I got to enjoy it all by myself because the brownies have veggies in them and the ice-cream is made with bananas, both of which send Man-thing running for the hills. Nevertheless I decided to wait until he took a nap before making this treat, just to minimize the gloating, because there was lots of it. Lots! sundaesplash

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Secretly healthy peanut butter pizookie delight

I finally made a pizookie! 😀 Admittedly it’s a lot like a chickpea blondie in some ways, but oh man is it easy, tasty, and just fun beyond measure. PBpizookiesplash Continue reading


PB popcorn squares

I thought I could wait until tomorrow to share this but I just can’t. It’s SO GOOD! This is deliciousness and I am totally unapologetic for it. If you have popcorn, PB, chickpeas and chocolate make this now. You will not be sorry! 😀


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