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The chocolate cleanse riot: free ebook!

It’s finally here!! I can’t remember if I’ve been sneaky or not about this ebook (which is possibly another layer of ninja if I can hide even that from myself) but I’ve finished and it’s all yours for free and it’s 100% dedicated to my food mistress: chocolate. No matter how busy I get or how lazy, there’s always time in the day for a nibble on something chocolate-y. I may have something of an addiction, but I’ve decided to make a total chocolate cleanse for myself….with chocolate. And since it’s free, you can “cleanse” with me! 😀Chocolate Cleanse Riot Ebook via Marfigs Munchies Continue reading


Creamy orange julius

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been planning this ridiculously easy drinkable meal. I know I’m always saying how easy and delicious stuff is, but honest, it is! :p Plus I’ve snuck in some natural protein in there, for thickness and heartiness. Think of this as my way of combating scurvy, if you like!creamyorangejuliussplash

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Spicy hot cross bun hot chocolate {vegan + gluten-free}

Earlier this week I posted a spicy hot cross bun smoothie recipe to celebrate spring for the northern hemisphere, so now I post a hot chocolate to commiserate with my fellows in the south as winter looms around the corner. This is a super healthy, rich drink that’s so thick you can eat it with a spoon (as I did). The ingredients are very similar to the smoothie but just geared for fluffy socks and tasseled hats. Still, there’s nothing that stops anyone from sitting in front of a fan with this drink in hand 🙂hotcrossbunpotmarfigs1

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Spicy hot cross bun smoothie {vegan + gluten-free}

Wait, what? That’s right. Spicy hot cross bun flavoured smoothie. I’m not always in the mood for an actual hot cross bun (ok, lies, I’m lazy), so this is the best way to ensure all us smoothie freaks get the flavour sensation of one of my favourite Easter treats in our usual form. Am I driving you crazy? Blog world, you drive me insane! I’m nestled down in the southern hemisphere where it’s almost on the brink of the chilly season and I get cranky because the northern hemisphere is living it up with fruit salads, vegan ice-cream and taunting talk of picnics in the sun. So for this post I’m going to do it your way and go with something chilly, and then on Friday I’m going to go wild and post a hot cross bun hot chocolate recipe…stay tuned! 😀bunsmoothietopprofilemarfigs Continue reading


Fig newton smoothie

I admit I’ve been super lazy to post of late, seeing that I’ve been lacking in the inspiration department. I had my January posting schedule all sorted out in November already, but with my work chopping and changing my hours I’ve been a bit morose. The one thing that’s sure to pep me up is fresh ingredients, especially from a garden. Last week I got a monster zucchini that totally rocked my socks (will post soon!), and yesterday whilst Man-thing was gallivanting in the garden he called me out to pick figs from our tree – they actually ripened!! 😀 😀 Ergo, bask in my first experiment with my very own garden-fresh figs: fig newton smoothie!


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Glöggi smoothie bowl + a survey

Today’s munchie is a rather simple one, yet super delicious and it hits the spot. As you might have seen, I am very much into smoothie bowls at the moment, because it means I can eat my smoothie and feel fuller for longer, so this smoothie bowl is a celebration of winter tastes and spices enjoyed in the blaze of summer (as is the case at the moment in South Africa).smoothietop5Also, I’ve seen this survey around and thought I’d share some info, just to show that I’m not as depraved in taste as all my exclamation marks would have you believe (or am I?).


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Cherry apple caramel smoothie

I still have some precious fresh cherries left, so I decided to spoil myself rotten yesterday afternoon when I got home from work. My papaya isn’t ripe yet and we have a few apples lying around, so the result was this really fresh and filling smoothie that just tasted heavenly.profilesmoothie

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