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Protein crunch bars {gf + v/vegan MOFO}

Today’s vegan Mofo theme is a bit strange to me because I’m a homebody who fiercely protects her personal space and alone time (Man-thing and cats don’t count as “other people” and therefore don’t bother me). We do take an annual holiday admittedly but then the answer to the question of what we would bring on a vegan road trip is “everything”. Since I’m not going to unpack my whole kitchen for this post I decided to make some easy protein crunch bars, since that’s always the one thing that’s guaranteed to fuel the long hours on the road. proteinbarssplash

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Silky mocha nut brownies

Today’s recipe is super easy, healthy, and great to have in the fridge to cure the munchies, which seems to be my constant mood of late. Also, there’s nothing better than chocolate to ease you into a weekend, especially if the weekend involves work (as mine will)! If not, chocolate still has a right to exist in your life in the form of these brownies.mochabrowniesplash

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Funfetti bars

At some point this week I stupidly promised Man-thing cookies, despite these not being my realm of expertise. I was off sick on Thursday and thought I’d get to it then, but the thought of concocting anything flat and round made me rather despondent, so I stuck to what I know: cake-ish bars of glee! funbarssplash

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Veggie brownies

I desperately wanted something tasty to eat in the evenings that wouldn’t tear my pants, as it were, and these easy, veggie-stuffed brownies are the way to go! I’ve made them three times now and I think they’re going to be a staple in the house, because sometimes chocolate-y goodies are just necessary for life.veggiebrowniesplash Continue reading

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Sundae parfait

Sunday was all about comfort food, and hence the popcorn blizzard sundae parfait! 😀 Super easy to assemble and just uber tasty! I got to enjoy it all by myself because the brownies have veggies in them and the ice-cream is made with bananas, both of which send Man-thing running for the hills. Nevertheless I decided to wait until he took a nap before making this treat, just to minimize the gloating, because there was lots of it. Lots! sundaesplash

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PB popcorn squares

I thought I could wait until tomorrow to share this but I just can’t. It’s SO GOOD! This is deliciousness and I am totally unapologetic for it. If you have popcorn, PB, chickpeas and chocolate make this now. You will not be sorry! 😀


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Vegan sweet potato bars with chia raspberry spread and sprinkles

I call these bars, though they’re actually mini loaves. I find that people feel better about themselves, less like they’re “pigging out”, when something is more bar and less loaf, especially if they’re on a “guilt-free” trip. It’s National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, so I figure it’s apt to get to the gritty of how people approach and choose what to eat or not to eat. I may not be in the US but I still think it’s a pretty valid topic considering my ED background. I personally always strive to make healthy, awesomesauce decisions, but it’s not always so easy. That’s why a lot of I make is to try and be as “trigger-free” as possible – no mass amounts of sugar, crazy ingredients and guilt, because not all of us can overcome that voice in our heads or the growling in our stomach that both judges and seduces us. These bars? Guilt.Free. At least for me.

sweetpotatoalmondbutterdrizzlebars2As always, don’t forget I’m hosting an awesome international giveaway of The Veggie Queen’s book, Nutrition CHAMPS!veggiequeennutritionchampsgiveaway.jpg

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