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Cauliflower nice-cream bowls


I simply have to share something that’s been taking over my life for the past fortnight or so since my blender broke (one of many). When you have a habit of smoothie bowls for breakfast and no means to an end, you make a plan! With my ancient food processor at my side, I’ve discovered the most delicious, filling, big-portioned monster of a meal that is super diabetic friendly, tastes great and is so modifiable it’s crazy.Cauliflower nice cream bowls - Marfigs' Munchies

I love substantial smoothie bowls so much that when my blender broke I had a bit of a crisis on how to give volume to my breakfasts without it meaning a handful of bananas or a return to the sad (but still delicious) all bran and soy milk. These past two weeks I’ve been writing exams like a beast and needed all the fuel I could get to eat well in the mornings so that I could last until lunch before grabbing a quick snack on my way to the exam centre. Cauliflower was in abundance and so what started off as an experiment has become a love affair.

Cauliflower nice cream bowls - Marfigs' Munchies

Blended with overnight oats for extra oomph

Now that I’ve figured this out I’m not sure I’ll so easily go back to smoothie bowls when I replace my blender, but this is the most indulgent but healthy thing I’ve had the pleasure of munching in a long time 😀

Cauliflower nice cream bowls - Marfigs' Munchies

Topped with muesli and nut butter for extra crunch


  • 2 cups frozen cauliflower florets
  • 3/4 – 1 cup non-dairy milk
  • 1/2 cup frozen banana slices (add more if you can handle it!)
  • NuNaturals NuStevia Liquid to taste (flavour of choice – my favourites are Cherry Vanilla and Peppermint) OR vanilla extract and sweetener to taste
  • 2 TBSP protein powder of choice
  • 2 tsp psyllium husk (or else replace with 1 TBSP flaxseed powder)
  • Cinnamon, ginger, and/or other spices of choice


  1. Blend in the food processor until smooth or semi-chunky, depending on how you like it!
  2. ETA: I’ve found with my old food processor it works best to soak the frozen cauliflower florets in the liquid for five or so minutes so that it blends easier.


  • Add cocoa powder, acai powder, matcha or spirulina
  • Change up the fruit for another type (berries, papaya, etc)
  • Add in chilled fruit purée instead of solid frozen fruit
  • Add in 1/3 – 1/2 cup overnight oats for a thicker, more filling breakfast
  • Add chickpeas for extra protein

Recommended toppings:

  • Nut or seed butter
  • Muesli or homemade granola
  • Sliced fresh fruit
  • NuNaturals Cocoa Syrup
  • Chocolate in all shapes and forms
  • Dried fruit and/or fruit purée
Cauliflower nice cream bowls - Marfigs' Munchies

Made crazy with spirulina and maca powder, along with all the toppings found in the psychedelic pantry

It’s really not the most ground-breaking idea, but I’m definitely going to be playing around with variations in the time to come: frozen broccoli, mixed veg…whatever works or is on hand. As long as you have a touch of natural fruit sweetness and some extra help from vanilla essence or the fabulous NuNaturals Liquid NuStevia flavours, any experiment turns out amazing and refreshing.

Cauliflower nice cream bowls - Marfigs' Munchies

Swirled through with prune and peach purée and studded with hemp seeds

If you’re in the northern hemisphere and see this is as gloating, you can just as easily stir in freshly cooked oats for a lovely hot-cold blend and watch the nice-cream melt into the oats. Nom nom! With exam stress at the helm of my cognitive processes I went a bit wild on some days with NuNaturals Cocoa Syrup liberally splashed everywhere or indulgent blocks of chocolate hidden inside, but that’s why this is an any occasion meal, not just breakfast or dessert: with your servings of veggies in there it is legitimate as a dinner even! 😉

Cauliflower nice cream bowls - Marfigs' Munchies

Dessert made real with lashings of @NuNaturals cocoa syrup, sprinkles and banana chips

Cauliflower nice cream bowls - Marfigs' Munchies

Any powder or fruit of your choice is welcome: here acai powder is used, but you can sub the fruit powder for actual berries and sneak in some darker cruciferous veggies, such as broccoli

Cauliflower nice cream bowls - Marfigs' Munchies

Instead of fruit you can really just add minimal fruit purée and more soy milk and sweetener to achieve a lush, sweet and uber healthy veggie-packed meal

And there you have it – my new obsession! ❤ In the past fortnight or so there’s been high stress in the realm of Moutonia, and we each cope in our own ways. Man-thing has his quirks and mine is munching, so the fact that this is healthy at least helps ensure I don’t have to go buy bigger clothes all the time :p It doesn’t help (or does it?) that I finally got my fabulous giveaway hamper from NuNaturals in the post, which is why I’ve been blathering about it every few paragraph. 😀 😀

Anyway, hope you guys try it out and let me know! Remember you can modify it to your heart’s content! Cacao, cacao nibs, beetroot chips…heck, even apricot-glazed tofu has a place in the magic of your ever-changing cauliflower nice-cream bowl 🙂 ETA: I have to report that pear with cherry flavoured drops and oats is also another fabulous combo!

11 thoughts on “Cauliflower nice-cream bowls

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  5. Feastingonfruit brought me here, and I am happy to explore all these lovely recipes! What a find! THis recipe in particular inspired me to add frozen cauli to my usual frozen fruit and spice smoothie. Divinely smooth finish. Then, on a real cauliflower kick, I made cauliflower sour cream to add to some cake to make it sneakily vegan,…or maybe frosting? Ah, this reminds me to stop neglecting my blog!!!


    • Ahoy! Thank you so much for the kind words – it’s always great to get someone new here and also to check out their stuff: your vegan dulce de leche sounds amazing!!

      I’m so glad you tried this in your smoothie – it really is a wonderful thickener and with fruit it just totally blends in 🙂

      The idea of cauliflower “frosting” sounds so hectic, let me know if you post it – I’m super curious now!


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  7. 😀 😀 Thank you Natalie! This is definitely great for low- to no-fruit in the house situations, which are very scary and real. I’ve tried it just with some flavour drops and that was great for a tight spot. I love eating cold things in winter, all bundled in the fluffiest items I can find!


  8. I love this idea Margaux, so clever! (I smother everything in that NuNaturals Cocoa Syrup too – thanks again for the giveaway a few months ago!) ❤ I also love the idea of using broccoli in nicecream bowls – such a great way to even out that fruit : veg ratio!


    • 😀 😀 Thanks Kyra! And yes, that Cocoa Syrup stuff is pure delicious evil! The drops really do help with these nice-cream bowls as well, so I hope you’ve still got some lying around (the syrup usually disappears under a fortnight with me :p)


  9. You are a genius! And all these incredible flavors and photos, I can’t stop scrolling and gawking at all the yum ❤ This is a great idea too for those times when I am getting dangerously low on ripe bananas! And it's so incredibly healthy! I gotta try this, even if it is still winter here 🙂


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