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Guide to using up holiday leftovers


HolidayleftoversIt’s something of a law of nature: our eyes are always bigger than our stomachs (no matter how hard we try) in the holidays. So much baking, faffing and sighing, and then the hard, stale reality of excess that sits in the fridge for a week or two to silently judge us. Or, you know, it’s tough to work out portion ratio per person when everyone treats the holidays differently: some as a challenge of excess, and others as a season of torture and self-control so they don’t come out the other end in stretchy pants.

Moreso than my issue with clothes that don’t fit in January is the leftovers that get out of control. Waste makes me sad, because what we usually get rid of is actually edible. This is a little guide to help you plot what you can do with the never-ending crumbles of what you’ve been scoffing.

And before you go a-clicking, don’t forget to download my free mini me holiday ebook 🙂veganxmassplash

Below are some recipes and some ideas – take stock of what you have leftover and take charge! We still have a ridiculous amount of roasted vegetables (half of which are now in the freezer), but even so there isn’t a space in the fridge for anything new: all must be munched!

Get stuffed

You can stuff peppers, gem squash, or anything that can hold its own against fillings.stuffedpepperspooned1Stuffed tagine peppers – Marfigs’ Munchies

Spanish quinoa stuffed peppers – Minimalist Baker

Vegan stuffed bell peppers – My Darling Vegan


Leftover sandwiches

There always seems to be leftover veggies and leftover bread – make a mash-up of everything and douse in sauce. Yum!
pumpkinburger13Thanksgiving leftover veggie burger loaf sandwich – Lukas Volger

Veggie burger sandwich – Marfigs’ Munchies

Leftover cranberry, cider slaw & grilled tempeh vegan sandwich – Connoisseurus Veg

Leftover lentil sandwich bread + avocado toast – Sweet Simple Vegan


Leftover veggies (raw and cooked)

smoothietop3Glöggi smoothie bowl – Marfigs’ Munchies (veggies can also be frozen and blended into smoothies to thicken them!)

Spanish gazpacho – Simple Vegan Blog

Broccolini white bean frittata – Vegan Richa (one of my absolute favourites ever!)

Baked basil quiche with couscous crumble – Marfigs’ Munchies



Create endless mixed salads: roasted veggies, rice salads, potato salads, fruity versions, or whatever is on hand!barbecuepotatosalad3-1-of-1

Above photo is the sole property of The Vegan 8

 Barbecue potato salad – The Vegan 8

Vegan rainbow potato salad – I Love Vegan

Vegan Persian rice salad – The Big Man’s World

Leftovers salad – Bonzai Aphrodite


French toast

A great way to use up pretty much any kind of bread that’s getting stale, and can be topped with savoury or sweet leftoversholidayfrenchtoast

 Savoury eggless French toast – Holy Cow!

Holiday French toast – Marfigs’ Munchies

Samosa stuffed french toast – Vegan Richa


Reworking snacks and sidesChocolate-Covered-Pretzel-Peanut-Butter

Above photo is the sole property of The Minimalist Baker

Chocolate covered pretzel peanut butter – The Minimalist Baker

Gingerbread pumpkin pretzel protein bars – Marfigs’ Munchies

Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Pretzel Frosting – Veggies don’t bite

Pretzel pesto + artichoke tofu pasta – Marfigs’ Munchies

Healthy holiday nuts – Wholehearted Eats

Vegan Brown Rice Congee with Shiitake Mushrooms – Divine Healthy Food

Crispy mashed potato pancakes – The Herbivore House

Idea: incorporate gravies into soups made with leftover veggies



There’s always some form of leftover cake or sweet, amirite? fruitcakesmoothieIdea: crumbled fruit cake and vanilla pudding blended into a breakfast smoothieparfaitprofile4The cutest little vegan cake pops – Vegan Housewives

Raw cake pops – Wallflower Girl (for all those extra nuts lying around)

Superfood smoothie rice porridge – Marfigs’ Munchies

Creamy vanilla rice pudding – Sugar and Cinnamon

How to use up leftover cookies – Food52

20 Creative Ideas to Use Up Leftover Christmas Cookies – Craftsy

Lemon curd crouton parfait – Marfigs’ Munchies


Crush and cut leftover cake and nuts (roasted or raw) together and re-bake as granola

Cover crumbled cake in chocolate poured into mini loaf pans for chocolate crunch barsfruitcakeballs*

And just in case you still have leftovers, here are some handy guides for freezing:

Our Guide to Freezer-Friendly Meals to Make Life Easier – One Green Planet

Vegan on a Budget: Freezing Avocados and Other Stuff – Well Vegan

So there you have it! Hopefully some yum recipes and ideas to keep your fridge relevant and appetizing after the big fuss of the major days of December. And with that I’m soon off to the cat shelter so it’s time for a little holiday snooze, guilt-free! And because I can’t resist myself, here are my foster cats! Two came back after their mother freaked out on them (cat mom, that is), but they are young and gorgeous and will get homes soon enough 🙂 lazytiggerchair
mashfloormeow ziggychair lazyleomeow tiggermeowfacerawr

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  1. Left over sandwich is a great tip!


  2. Such a lovely post with many divine recipes for us all to try out! xxx


  3. Thank you so much for including my cupcakes!! Great list you have here!!


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