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WIAW + for the love of cats

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Yesterday was absolute chaos, and so I bring to thee chaos snacks and comfort food once more! It seems to coincide with winter quite nicely, this  fattening up business, but alas there’s no hibernation to follow! wiawmarfigslogo

Yesterday and today have been pretty hectic. We brought back our foster boys on Sunday because they contracted snuffles at the shelter, and on Monday Hermes just went from bad to worse and started drooling like mad and half choking on the puddles. It was pretty terrifying so I spent yesterday just waiting to go home to rush him to the vet. She sent him back home after a few shots and we took him in again this morning when he seemed even worse and his fever hadn’t subsided, so now he’s staying there until tomorrow afternoon for observation 😦 I went to go see him this afternoon post-work and he already looks much better, so I’m much calmer than I was last night when I was terrified that he would somehow choke to death or what not. Cats! hermesstandingBreakfast/05h30: 1/2 cup all-bran, soy milk, 1 TBSP hemp seeds, prune purée and 1 medium sliced banana. We were low on frozen fruit and time because I wanted to check up on the kitties so I had the unusual cereal bowl. I much prefer smoothie bowls or papaya bowls, but hey, this is a feast compared to what most people in South Africa get to eat for breakfast.breakfastcrunchSecond breakfast/08h00: chickpea quiche slice. This is the most fabulous thing ever in terms of its texture, because I used aquafaba as a binder and it just gives a wonderful…something to any dish. It’s weird to explain but once you’ve tried out the various vegan “eggs” you kind of recognize the texture and taste that each type brings, and the aquafaba is fast surpassing all other alternatives in my books.quichenomsTea-time snacks/10h00: sliced green pepper, carrot sticks and 2 carob-coated rice crackers. Man-thing got me the crackers in response to a plea for junk food to aid my moroseness, and they are super delicious! Next time I’ll make them myself because it’s too easy not to, but yum!peppermunch carrotsnackcrackercarobLunch/12h15: 1/2 cup baked beans, 1/2 cup sweet potato, some eggplant and zucchini + coffeebeanlunch'I went home early and asked for leave from my afternoon job because I was just way too stressed about Hermes and had to check up on him – he was looking worse for wear by the time I got back and I managed to sit with them for a while before having to do some work from home and then dashing off to the vet. He was so miserable that he didn’t even struggle when we took his temperature!

Home snacks/15h00: 2 veggie brownies (recipe coming soon, minus the zucchini) with 1 tsp PB – these things are pretty much gone by now  and I’m very sad about it! Also, some steamed zucchini whilst I was busy with chopping up my pre-dinner salad.browniesnackspostworkmunchPre-dinner/17h30: salad with lettuce, red pepper and cucumber + nutritional yeast with apple cider vinegar.saladcrunch Dinner/18h00: cauliflower, zucchini, green beans and soy mince. Soy mince is pretty much our go-to for stressful times when we just want to eat and get it over and done with on the cheap, since a can of beans is pretty pricey and now that we have a gas stove I’m not sure that the cost of boiling a cheap bag of dried beans outweighs the cost of gas…first/third world problems colliding, I guess!soymincedinnerPost-dinner snacks: 1 cup frozen papaya, another brownie (they’re just too easy to eat), 1/2 cup soy milk with 2 TBSP oat bran and cinnamon, cucumber (unpictured), the dregs of the popcorn (stock photo!), and a soy sausage on a brown rice cracker (stock photo!)
dessertnomspopcornsausagesnackDid you notice all the protein? Not a protein powder drink in sight! 😛 I really wish I’d stocked up on “real” stuff like lentils or what not, but so it goes.

Anyway, because I was in a stress mess last night I didn’t get any work done on my assignment (due tomorrow!) and decided to spend as much time as possible with the cats instead. I can’t believe these beautiful boys don’t yet have homes but fingers crossed that once they’re better they’ll land a sweet deal for life ❤ With that I’m now off to do work fr a bit so I can spend time again before bed with the other two little love monsters. I am SO in love with these boys so getting to see them every day is a real treat, even if they’re sneezing everywhere ❤threemeow3

I must say volunteering with cats has been one of the most incredible life experiences ever, because there’s just endless love to give and receive. Every time I think I’ve reached the end of the line a cat just looks in my direction and I’m ready to drop everything to give it attention or care. As much as it’s about the cats it’s also the humans that can be so inspiring. When I went to the vet she was rather impressed with my know-how and jargon that I was bandying about, and it’s all thanks to the wonderful volunteers and vets who have put up with my endless questions and have taught me how to go about observing these delightful creatures. My love for my own precious kitties has increased significantly since I know how absolutely fragile and equally tenacious they can be. Gah! ❤hermespaw

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Ahoy, I’m Margaux! History teacher and freelance editor; wench to my Man-thing; volunteer at a cat shelter; and handmaiden to our kitsy cats, Gatsby, Freyja and Atlas. This blog is dedicated to vegan food, occasionally overthrown by pictures of foster kittens and other fluffy creatures. I love sharing ideas and recipes, so don't be shy: stop by and say hi!

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