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WIAW + an update on the Virtual Vegan Potluck



Before we get too sidetracked, please vote for your favourite dishes from the 5th Virtual Vegan Potluck! My entry is one of many, and you can vote for each course!


05h30/breakfast: mango and papaya smoothie with 1 TBSP pepitas and 1/2 cup all bran hiding underneath + 1 TBSP flax powder

WP_00092810h00 snack: 1 carrot, lots and lots of coffee in-between. Yesterday was my last chance to get odds and ends before the holidays officially start, so there wasn’t much time to work in a proper tea-time snack as I always do.

WP_00092913h00/Lunch: The munchies hit hard at lunchtime so I had a bunch of random, blurry meals. 1/2 a jumbo chickpea pancake stuffed with avo, hummus, roasted cherry tomatoes and relish, sided by spinach, some baby marrows and green beans. YUM. I ran out of chickpea flour or else I would have made a dozen more of these magical pancakes. I also had a little side salad to round off the greenery.

WP_000935WP_000937Any meal is not complete without coffee….and a cookie. Because I was so well behaved.

WP_00093615h15 snack: I was half nibbly again (it’s the cold, drizzly weather) so I had a banana and blueberry smoothie bowl. Delicious!!

WP_00093819h30/dinner: We fetched my pal Jess who is visiting from the cape and Man-thing made an impromptu dinner of rice, lentils, green beans, tomatoes and artichokes. Twas super tasty and I gobbled it down before taking a picture, so here it is as a lunch for today. Admittedly my phone makes all food look rather revolting but it so delicious to get a Man-made meal!

WP_000962Apart from the excitement of company we also happened to stop at the vet to drop off a carry case we borrowed for a cat we’re babysitting while her owners are on holiday. Whilst there we were lured into the back by my shelter pal and fellow volunteer and were faced with nine of the most gorgeous kittens ever. We quickly sped off (after picking up poor Jess, who hadn’t expected this detour!) to get a pet carry case of our own from the shops and picked up the most stunning caramel grey tabby girl! ❤ ❤ So, slightly impulsive but we had planned on adopting one of the litter we fostered earlier, had they not passed away, so luckily we had all the goodies and beds and squishy toys ready at home. We’re still debating names (because Man-thing is very much lacking in taste when it comes to names), but yay! 😀 Will post pictures galore tomorrow when I can get her to sit still long enough.

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