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Cinnamon rolls with poppy seed spread


Holiday! Whee! The other day when I was baking cookies I asked Man-thing to read out the first Harry Potter for me to keep my mind balanced, though I don’t know why I bother, since I could recite almost every word alongside him. Nevertheless, I’ve taken to starting off my holiday with that tortured boy in an attempt to slough off all adult responsibilities (well, not all, but enough!) to help relax my brain and ease into a more cheery disposition. However much my day may drag or drum along to the tune of the world around me, at least I don’t have an evil wizard on my case.


I have to admit, that by Friday 10PM I was bored and went to bed, so to combat this blah’ness I’ve decided to try and make something interesting every day, even if it’s just the way food is presented or using a new ingredient (or an old one in a new way).

Part of what I’d been oggling this week is Seitan is my Motor’s blog. The whole of it! I went up and down the history like a real troll, but I simply adore the fragrant and tasty sounding treats and the beautiful photography. One thing in particular that caught my eye was her poppy seed rolls. As you saw yesterday, I’ve resolved to use up my poppy seeds, and I remember these rolls from my travels across Europe- so delicious and delicate! Unfortunately I’m not very comfortable baking with yeast, so after much plotting and planning I decided to use the essence of the poppy filling/spread and merge it with one of my old favourites, the cinnamon bun.


For the buns I used the base of Kelly’s no-yeast, chop chop recipe from over at Foodie Fiasco. Naturally, I made some mods, because I integrated an old recipe I had on file from the last time I made c.rolls. I can’t find the link to that one, even though I have an entire folder dedicated to pastries and doughs, but such is life!


  • I used 2 cups of fine rye flour instead of wholewheat, since I only have nutty wheat flour as an alternative which I find to be too dense for a cinnamon roll.
  • I mixed the apple cider vinegar with the milk beforehand to curdle it a bit and then plonked that all together into the mixture as directed.
  • I only used 2 tsp in the dough itself instead of the 2 TBSP, since I figured the poppy spread would be sweet enough (twas!)
  • For the butter spread on top of the dough I used my homemade butter – it’s rather difficult to find a use for the stuff once you get used to baking without butter, so I was chuffed to finally have an excuse to use up the last of it.


The filling/spread (based on Seitan is my Motor’s filling recipe):

I finally decided to suck up my pride and try out the mill function on my blender (the blender part doesn’t work all that great for anything other than mixing the mixture for ice-creams. No smoothies for me!). Shockingly it actually works! I’ll finally be able to mill my nuts to make nut flours if needed.

  • I milled 7 tsp poppy seeds and it came out to a slightly crumbly, minuscule-ly moist mixture that you can pinch between your fingers.
  • To the milled poppy seeds I added 10 tsps sugar (seems like a helluva lot, but one can vary and add less or more).
  • An intense amount of cinnamon made its way into the mix as well!
  • Once my dough was rolled out and ready for the filling (with the spread of vegan butter already painted on) I quickly mixed the above with 1/2 tsp vanilla, 2 TBSP water and 1.5 TBSP melted vegan butter till it made a silky paste.
  • I completely forgot to add starch and the bit of flour! Argh! Anyway, not a crisis, but I’m sure it would obviously come out less gooey.



More than enough to go around! I managed to have enough to slather to the very near-edges of my dough. Nom! I also splashed some more cinnamon on top, because why not? Before plonking them into the oven I brushed the tops with some soy milk, because I was (quite rightly) worried about the excess flour I had everywhere. Somehow I need to learn to minimize the amount of flour I use for dusting my hands and ensuring the dough doesn’t stick to anything, but not a trainsmash.


I ended up baking these for about 20 minutes at 200 Celsius until the tops were Β a bit golden, but it depends on each oven I guess. My filling was rather squishy so I figured a little extra baking time would ensure the rolls were actually baked. I love a bit of crispness (just a hint!) on my rolls!


puffyinnardsresI sent off the majority of the batch with Man-thing, as well as the rest of the poppy lemon loaf cake from yesterday, to the in-laws, because keeping so much nom in the house is not always for the best :p The recipe is rather healthier than most cinnamon roll versions I’ve come across, especially considering one subs the traditional oil for applesauce. A comment in the roll recipe about using pumpkin puree is rather interesting – am going to try that next time! πŸ˜€


Seriously, soft, ooey-gooey innards!

NOM! What better smell wafting through the kitchen than cinnamon? Next time I’ll use less sugar, because it’s not all that necessary, but these basics can be jazzed up and down, either with glaze or without (I prefer without, but I’m not a sweet monster). Well, back to the world of wizardry I go! I may even be tempted to pick up the pencil again and get back into drawing fanfic as I did many moons ago. Nothing so freeing as a world without possibility πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Cinnamon rolls with poppy seed spread

  1. Oh my goodness these rolls look SO good. Thanks for the link love!


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