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Pumpkin french toast and chocolate beetroot cake

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Usually once in a while I like to spoil man-thing with a breakfast different to the usual Kelloggs bran, which I adore and which he tolerates for the sake of slurping down some food. Yesterday I took a day’s leave because I have about 35 hours worth of free time which I had to take or lose, which naturally meant time to experiment with food.

What I decided on is something that’s failed epically before, due to the silliness of using thick rye bread. This time round, I used Post Punk Kitchen’s Pumpkin French Toast recipe (cut it in half, yeesh) and made do with man-thing’s fluffy wholewheat sliced bread, which I usually avoid. Man, SO tasty! I haven’t had french toast in a few years due to veganness, and before that a general apathy towards eggs in all their horrors. I love it that something so normal as french toast can be all decadent!


We got these flowers from a lady in our neighbourhood the other day when we went for our walk- she was pruning with a woven basket and the whole toot (plus sporting some snazz tattoos) and offered for us to take however much we liked. Jolly incentive for a walk!


Fluffy bread of DOOM! This stuff usually makes my blood sugar rush up and down like a slip ‘n slide, but the stabilizer factor of pumpkin made it rather shiny in my stomach.


NOM! So utterly delicious! I had mine with a tsp of fig jam and some spinach and lemon tofu, which was divine. Man-thing slathered his in peanut butter and jam, but he’s also rather strange. Seriously, this was such a treat!


Tofu also formed part of my tea-time snack, along with more spinach. Seriously, I can ignore tofu for a few months and then RAWR!

anyway! CAKE! I’ve been planning and musing and trolling all over the idea of a beetroot cake now for more than a month, so yesterday it was just a question of staying in the kitchen after breakfast to test out my evil plans. Alas, not all things come out shiny.

The first cake (yes, first) came out dry as a bone – I tried to used a combination of brown rice flour and soya flour to test the gluten-free waters (though my second-opinion doctor vetoe-d the whole “gluten-free” lifestyle for me, thank the gods!) but obviously there’s some secret voodoo to the combination/ratios. I usually see gluten-free recipes that use 1/4 cup this, 1/4 that, and always wondered why. Well, experience now shows it’s because the batter will curl up into a ball! Seriously, I could probably hold the whole thing in my hand without drippage! Thus, in this case, batter is equivalent to pizza dough. I was rather silly and baked it anyway, thinking I must just suck it up and follow instructions, that maybe this is how it should be. *facepalm*


HOWEVER, I did enjoy the pants of taking photos of fail!cake.

sadcakehappyfrosting1 beetsandcake1 zoomy1

Le sigh! The one redeeming factor, however, was the frosting/icing/whatever!!!

Oh yes, success! This is the best, most normal frosting I’ve ever made! Just scroll back up and look deep into the soul of that sludgy pudding. I used the date and chocolate frosting from Cassie over at Back to her Roots, and nommmmm. Again I halved the recipe, and could have done so even more, but this stuff is evil – I was licking the spoon and “accidentally” getting some all over my face and hands. Next time I’ll cut out some of the dates though, because my sugar levels were definitely tripping from happiness.

I became rather pigheaded after fail!cake though, because what’s the point of glorious icing if there isn’t cake as an excuse to eat it? The success!cake, however, is so delicious that it needs no excuse, no frills, AND it contains no flour, but instead glorious, glorious chickpeas! Ragamuffindiaries’ recipe is on the ball – squishy, airy, fluffy…I really had no idea how it would ever turn into a solid cake, but I decided that squishy is better than rock hard, so I plonked it in the oven for exactly 50 minutes and slathered the date frosting on top…


Those little flecks of white are the coconut oil, in case you’re wondering.


I apologise for the sucky photos, but nothing will do it justice. Melted chocolate chips and coconut oil, dripping into a smush of chickpeas and cooked beets? Nyarr! I did take the main idea from fail!cake and added spices to it. LOTS! Paprika, splash cayenne, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. It really gives the cake a kick in the pants, but it’s so squishy and delicious that it’s not even necessary should one want to go vanilla. Which I forgot to add into the cake batter. Whoops. :p

Anyway, taking the cake to a pirate party later today! Dressing up always calms my anti-social nature somewhat, since who doesn’t like dressing up? Plus, cake. 😀

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