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Ridiculously pleased – deep-dish pie and banana bread!


First thing’s first – myself and a bunch of ladies (and Dawid) are doing the Jacaranda Spring Walk (8km) later this month, so Dawid and I have been starting to walk 3.9km after work each day to get into walking mode. The result, naturally, is that my brain thinks “wow, you’ve worked so hard. Here, have a chocolate!” And so, it has been a delightful chocolate fest (admittedly, just a block or so of Lindt), but that got my inspired to bake the treats below.


Today we walked 8km with some of our team, Lize and Nicole, and we didn’t throw up or pass out! πŸ˜€ In anticipation of success, I baked Chocolate Covered Katie’s Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Pie, which is so utterly divine and delicious, that I honestly don’t think I’ve made a tastier cake in my life. Knowing that it was stuffed with protein and chocolate alike makes me glee from the inside out, because really, beans are such a gift to vegan-kind!


Just look at that!! *swoon*

What I didn’t realize (or believe!) is that this recipe makes two small 8″ pans, so now I have an extra cake to take to our anniversary barbeque tomorrow. I never like making people feel uncomfortable by having too exotic foods around, so I made the pie in the hope of having a slice over to take with for pudding tomorrow when man-thing’s mom makes her special chocolate cake/pie (blending in!). Since I have an entire pie left over and it’s so yummy, I suspect it will be the first time ever I’ll get my family to help finish it! πŸ˜€


Just…look at that….rivulets of chocolate waiting to smush and slide around your tongue and throat…beautiful soft sweetness in each bite, over all too soon! Oh yes, this is my new favourite. Mmm mmm mm! I admittedly added Β less choc chips than Katie did, but it still turned out rather marvelous – the dates in the recipe really also add their own little nuggets of sweetness. I really processed the batches in 3 (as she said, though I was rather suspicious) and let it run til my food processor started getting a bit warm, but tiny pieces of dates were still left over. Oh well! DELICIOUS! πŸ˜€ Man-thing had about 3 slices in the space of half an hour, oohing and moaning about how good it tasted, so yes. ❀

I baked Katie’s fat free banana bread yesterday actually, but good grief it is moist and a splash of varying flavours to contend with – fantastic! I added berries to mine, as Katie suggested, as well as 4 medium sliced strawberries for kicks. so lovely! I had a slice last night, then again at teatime today…and I might go lick a slice before bed. So dastardly in its decadence, and healthy too πŸ˜€

topdownbread rr

This photo really doesn’t do this beauty justice, but we all know banana breads are sly like that. I used 1.5 cups nutty wheat flour and the rest brown rice flour for some fluffiness, which worked out marvellously. I admit I didn’t measure the bananas after smushing, because I only had 3 bananas to smush! So, more or less! I also couldn’t do 1/2 cup agave alone, so I halved the half cup of agave with apple sauce, since I needed the apple sauce for the choc chip pie. I don’t know which is the “healthier” version, but tbh I didn’t really care – it is monstrously tasty nonetheless. The berries just makes the recipe! I only have frozen blackberries, so I think they added a squishy element, as did the strawberries.



*happy sigh* Therefore, I am deeply indebted to Chocolate Covered Katie for her magnificence. Trolling the internet for recipes, I now sommer stop there first, and find I need little or no reason to alter (unless I’m in a silly mood!) Man-thing insists that the banana bread is great with peanut butter and jam (how his family eats it), but I like mine just as is – it has enough sweetness and burst of flavour with the occasional berry. Oh, and it’s bladdy easy to make! πŸ˜€

Anyway, we’ll see what happens tomorrow with the “anniversary braai” (even though the real day was a week ago). We are thinking of making this a yearly tradition, where we buy all the goodies and persuade our gesins (inner families, and my lovely best aunt and uncle) to join us for feasting to thank them for being so incredible and supportive. A small gesture for the lifetime of love we have received! *soppy face* :p

2 thoughts on “Ridiculously pleased – deep-dish pie and banana bread!

  1. Just can,t imagine how you can control yourself enough to only lick a piece of cake πŸ˜€


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