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Onion chutney- oh my!

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Today was quite raucous, having helped my sister in law move. The whole day, however, I was fantasizing about making this onion chutney and fruit leather, seeing as I had two beautiful red onions in my veggie pantry, as well as a mango, papaya and bananas to spare. My SIL and I are going to make vegan bobotie on Sunday (which is mighty generous and adventurous of her) so I decided that my memory recalled chutney being a typical accompaniment, and figured I could make some myself. I might have hallucinated its place as punchy sidekick to bobotie, but it’s too bad, it’s made, delicious and waiting!

Firstly, I ganked this recipe from My Baking Addiction– having seen the gorgeous looking specimens on that side, I figured I would be hardcore and try it myself. I’m a sucker for anything purple in food, so this fit the bill quite nicely! As always, I omitted or changed it depending on what was in my kitchen, but if you have this mystical thing called “shallots” then by all means follow the original recipe!


2 red onions, thinly sliced (yeah right, unless one has one of those schmancy slice-y things)

1 yellow onion, roughly chopped

3 leeks, sliced

salt, pepper, cayenne

1/4 cup balsamic (I really felt terrible giving up so much of my balsamic for a recipe, but since I’ve got so many other vinegars lying around, I figured I had to be strong)

3 TBSP red wine vinegar

1/4 cup brown sugar (it’s a wonder I have any left in the house!)

splash cinnamon (I don’t know who can honestly measure such a dreamy substance- I shake it out until it sears my nostrils)

aaand olive oil for frying

SO! On a low heat (I didn’t read that bit carefully, be warned!) heat the oil in a pot and chuck in the onions & leeks with yer salt & pepper & cayenne & cover with a lid. Do not eat. onions pre sauce

After 20 or so minutes, when they’re quite squishy like wilful worms, add the rest of the ingredients, stirring and leaving it lidless. Keep the heat low for an hour or so, stirring occasionally.  You’ll see the liquid will start to bugger off and leave a delicious looking, dark & gloomy hunk of onion goo.

onions and leeks cooking


nom nom! I suggest you snuff the mixture at this point, just to glory in your creation- that’s what I did for about 4 minutes.

Keep at it until you’re sure all the liquid sulking about has gone, then switch off the stove. You are done! Let it cool before scooping into a glass jar. This mixture made about 400ml worth of stuff, I reckon, but since I’m mathematically challenged that shouldn’t mean much. This glorious glomp is quite fragrant, very heady and potent and packs a punch, which is why it is a condiment and not a food group, it seems. 😦

in a jar

Anyhow, I think I’m ready for Sunday’s Bobotie experiment! Quite excited to have some, since it’s been years since I’ve had a bite, and figure a vegan version should be swell. mmm mm!

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