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Raw spiced layered ice cream cake, pumpkin choc cake and truffles

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Good grief. It’s now 10h45 and I’ve *finally* managed to eat breakfast! This whole morning has been spent finishing up the cakes and truffles, but I’m quite satisfied that, if nothing else, no-one will get food poisoning.

nevertheless! I’ve now officially made the Rawsome Vegan’s layered ice cream cake. wowza, what a helluva thing! It does take the whole day to make, or at least 8 hours, by my estimate, but it’s worth it to see the intricate inner layers once it’s cut…and of course it takes like a icy banana & co explosion in one’s mouth, so yeah. šŸ™‚

The main tip I can give for these suckers is to actually make the layers well ahead of time and refrigerate them for a few hours so that the freezing process goes faster. My first chocolate layer took *agesssss* to freeze, and even then Ā I lost my patience at 3 hours and plonked on the next layer. Once the layers are nice and cool in the fridge, however, it only takes about an hour or so per layer. Huzzah!

beet layer mint and avo mint avo layer vanilla atop beet

Unfortunately I’ve never soaked cashews before in my life, so they came out a bit crumbly, but I figure for the purposes of the cake it’s fine since it freezes anyway and subconsciously gives crunch.

decorated layer cake

Ta da! Sorry for the one singular photo, but it had to be dashed right back into the freezer (after having a little tester slice, of course). It really is quite banana-some, but fresh and lovely. Next time I’ll make more beetroot layers, simply because that was my favourite to make (Pink!) and favourite to eat (nom!).

I am, however, super duper chuffed that I’m NOT allergic to coconut oil (considering I’m enemies with other coconut products), so that is a win. However, after having made a few things with it, I find it is quite oily, and does not seem to lose that oiliness even when added with other ingredients. šŸ˜” (See below).

Anyhow! Whilst making the layer cake I decided I should get started on my personal dessert for today, since my grandmother is making milk tart and my dad’s wife is making rice pudding…all of which I’m sure is very non-vegan. However, it was quite difficult to make a single-serving dessert (or I was too pig-headed to do so), and thus was born a very improvizedĀ concoction.

pumpkin tofu avo crazy mix

1 cup pumpkin puree

1 small slab tofu

1 cup soaked cashews (in rooibos tea, nogals)

2 TBSP carob powder/cocoa

2 TBSP honey/agave/maple/etc

ummmmm it was late and I can’t really remember…

CinnamonĀ !



On a layer of:

blended dates & oats (about a cup each) and the leftover fig mixture from the fig rusks from yesterday.


Decorated with dried goji berries, crushed pistachio, sifted carob powder and drizzled with veg choc.

splashes of choc

That being done, I made an adaptation of another recipe I swooned over: the date, cashew & choc truffles to round off the Christmas containers. I rolled the truffles in cocoa and crushed pistachios & oats.

rollingom nom

truffles done

christmas containers done

Christmas containers awaiting transportation. Add to the peanut butter cups, thin mints, truffles & turkish delight a bag of vanilla-rooibos-fig rusks, a succulent & card and we’re done!

Sjoe! I think I need to go shower now, and then it’s off downstairs to make my vegan dinner for tonight! gllaarrgghhh!

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